Whitewashed Furniture is the Finishing Touch for All Layered Home Needs

Elizabeth Pash, designer and owner of Elizabeth Pash Interiors & Antiques, shares his tips for buying antiques and vintage. Today, she is looking at an alternative to “brown” antiques: bleached wood furniture.

The whitewashed furniture ‘trend’ has been prevalent in the home decor world for many years, but with supply chain delays causing more people than ever to consider vintage options, it’s worth it. to be seen again. While I personally never tire of quality “brown” furniture and traditional antiques, an entire room – or even worse, an entire house – of brown pieces is just too good. Our eyes need variety and balance. Taking a piece of brown furniture, whether it’s a dining chair, dining table or whatever, and whitewashing it transforms a room into something a little more contemporary and fresh. . This treatment can often better accentuate the lines and details of the piece. Carefully chosen, these pieces give the space interest, variety and depth.

Not so long ago, the trend was to have all the furniture in the room “matching”. A traditional mahogany English dining table was to be surrounded by traditional mahogany dining chairs, in a room with a traditional mahogany sideboard and a traditional mahogany front. But those days are long gone. One piece is so much more interesting with a variety of finishes. So why not mix things up by pairing a whitewashed dining table with mahogany chairs, or vice versa? One goes better with the other.

bleached dining table and chairs
A pretty dining table surrounded by painted chairs – I love the simplicity of this moment. The light finish of the table and chair highlights the shape of the pieces.

photo credit Teekay

One of my favorite pieces in my shop is a mahogany bookcase in a bleached finish. I had the interior painted blue to add some fun. Although traditionally shaped, the whitewashed finish gives it a fresh, more contemporary feel.

whitewashed storefront
A whitewashed bookcase in Pash’s shop.

Rayon Richards

As with other interior design elements, a little goes a long way. Just like I don’t like a room of brown furniture, a room filled with only whitewashed furniture is too much. The magic is in the mix!

Do you feel inspired? Here are some of my favorite examples of bleached wood furniture that I have found on my travels:

bleached bookcases
Vintage Baker whitewashed bookcases.


whitewashed chest with marble top
Whitewashed chest with marble top.

Elizabeth Pasch

whitewashed french desk
French oak writing table.

Elizabeth Pash

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