Ways to create a reading nook with limited spacing

Who wouldn’t want to have their favorite books at their fingertips every day? Build a portable reading nook to bring your favorite series to any room in the house, as demonstrated by The Home Depot on Youtube. Take three pieces of two-by-four plywood to screw 16 inches apart to two pieces of plywood measuring 33 inches wide across the top and 17 ¼ inches long. Use two self-tapping screws per side. You will need to make two of these shelf pieces.

Start on the shelves by using wood glue to attach two one-by-three pieces of wood to the right and left sides of a piece of plywood measuring 49 ½ inches long. Glue two pieces of plywood measuring 15 ¾ inches wide at the top and bottom. In addition to using glue, make sure the ends are securely fastened with 1 ¼ inch finish nails. After you’ve made three of these pieces, lay them face down and attach the shelves with two-inch wood screws. Use two screws per shelf end. Secure the casters with screws at the bottom ends of the cart.

Rather than making a rolling cart for books, you might want to purchase this Ameriwood Home Marshall 3-Shelf Metal Rolling Utility Cart in Teal from Amazon. Decorate the rolling cart by wrapping ribbon or tinsel around the sides for a festive effect. The rolling cart should not be overloaded with books and should be kept light. When not in use, keep the rolling cart in a safe place.

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