Visit these markets for budget furniture

Moving to a new place is exciting, however, the responsibilities that come with it are rather daunting. One of those responsibilities is to furnish your home. From beds to closets to a side table, there’s a lot you can do to make a home a livable home. To help you with this task, here are some cheap furniture markets in Delhi.

Kirti Nagar market

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One of Delhi’s largest furniture markets is located at Kirti Nagar, with more than 500 interior design boutiques, kitchen and bathroom companies and traditional furniture makers. You can even get custom furniture or get a replica of your favorite design here. Kirti Nagar Furniture Market contains furniture for every office, restaurant, retail establishment, home, bedroom, kitchen and more.

Amar Settlement Market

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Amar Colony is renowned for its furniture market as it offers a wide variety at reasonable prices. You can see many store owners educating various customers on the intricacies of the furniture industry. They can also duplicate furniture on request. You can also find several antique furniture stores where you will undoubtedly find treasures to take home. Gitanjali Antiques & Furniture, RK Foam Traders and Sunil Crockery & Kitchen Ware are some of the well-known names in this field.

Panchkuian Road

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Since the 1960s, Delhi’s Panchkuian Furniture Market has been a favorite place to shop for furniture, and market traders have been running their business for several generations. There’s a lot you can find here, including traditional hardwood furniture and inexpensive but practical plastic. There are also furniture made of steel and other metals. As soon as you arrive, you must check out Gujarat Furniture, Kaushal Furniture House and Ashoka Furniture House!

Jail Road

Jail Road is renowned for having a multitude of showrooms and inexpensive furniture stores. From mattresses to curtains to artifacts, shops on Jail Road offer a wide selection of furniture and home accessories at low prices. A few of the famous names in Jail Road are Nagpal Furnitures and Prakash Furnitures among others where you can find items of all sizes and descriptions. The market is affordable, with many establishments specializing in particular products.

Munirka furniture market

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Head to Munirka Furniture Market if you are looking for simple furniture at a reasonable price. This is the perfect place for students who have moved from other cities or single people looking for affordable wooden or rattan furniture. Desks, sofas, cabinets and other items can be found here. Remember that the market is closed on Tuesdays.

Banjara market

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One of the most popular furniture markets in Delhi has to be the famous Banjara market. With low prices and an incredible variety of furniture, this is a go-to place if you want to give your place a makeover. You can get products like exquisite storage boxes, rustic table sets, charming room dividers and much more at this market in Gurgaon.

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