[VIDEO] West Fraser: How is CaberFloor made?

West Fraser shows how his sturdy CaberFloor is made at the Cowie factory near Stirling, Scotland, in a short 90 second video

The 95-second virtual “factory tour” shows the demanding processes required to produce the versatile and proven CaberFloor particleboard flooring panels.

Cameras provide a panoramic view of space-age interiors all the way to the highly automated factory: where dust and other pollutants are completely removed to create a healthy working environment for the handful of engineers and other staff staff who operate it.

CaberFloor begins life as a series of raw wood streams, carefully sifted and graded to the exact specifications of the load-bearing boards, while the fibers are dried to regulate their residual moisture content.

Carefully tuned chemical treatments are used to facilitate the formation of the panels in layers on the production line and the pressure applied to achieve the exact thickness.

Next, the panel blanks are cooled and hardened on a slowly rotating support system, enhancing their performance and long-term durability, before being mechanically sanded and precision cut.

CaberFloor also features machined tongue-and-groove interlocking on all four sides to provide stability and minimize the need to support joints.

A precision product and fit for purpose

As finished CaberFloor panels are carefully checked and labeled by experienced operators for distribution to dealers and other customers, home builders and construction industry specifiers can be confident in the consistency of a precision product. and fit for purpose.

To learn more about West Fraser products for homebuilders, email [email protected] or download product brochures from the Homebuilders page of the West Fraser website.

For more information call 01786 812 921 or visit https://uk.westfraser.com/.

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