Video: Field test of the best broadheads 2022

The HuntStand team conducted an extensive field test in 2022 to compare these eight premium 100-grain broadheads (three mechanical heads and five fixed-blade heads):

Three awards were up for grabs in the test: Editor’s Choice; Silver medal ; and better value for money.

Testing criteria included consistency of broadhead weight (three heads), accuracy at 40 yards, penetration, and deflection.

Editor’s Choice Award

The four-blade Slick Trick Standard outperformed seven other premium hunting heads in HuntStand’s annual best hunting head test, winning the Editor’s Choice award for the third time.

“How about Slick Trick; can this company build stellar fighter heads, or what?” said HuntStand editor Melotik. “This is the seventh year we’ve tested the most advanced hunting heads on the market, and the third time Slick Trick has won top honors, including two in a row after last year’s victory by the Mechanical Assailant Slick Trick .”

The 100-grain Slick Trick Standard impressed in the accuracy test, posting a 40-yard three-shot group of 1 15/16 inches; it was the best of all the fixed-blade broadheads tested. The four-blade design of the Slick Trick Standard ranked first in the penetration test, plunging 9.25 inches into the gel after traversing carpet and 1/8-inch-thick plywood, meant to simulate the skin, bones and flesh. of a big game. As for angled penetration testing, the Slick Trick Standard plunged 20 inches through the angled plywood and emerged at the other end with barely a scratch and “looking brand new,” Melotik said.

Finally, a four-pack of Slick Trick Standards has an MSRP of $44.99 (most broadheads are sold in three packs) and stand out in terms of value with the lowest price per head of any broadhead tested. .

Best Value Award

The Best Value award went to the Wac’Em 3-Blade. Remarkable performance from the compact design was noted in the penetration category where the 1 1/16-inch-wide three-blade design posted the best score in the test while penetrating 9.25 inches through carpet, a piece 1/8 inch thick plywood and ballistic gel. In the accuracy test, the head displayed a consistent three-shot 2.25-inch group at 40 yards, which was less than 1 inch longer than the control group fired with standard field points. When combined with a strong performance in the angular deflection test pulled through a piece of premium half-inch-thick birch plywood, the stainless steel construction of the fixed wide point Wac’Em 3-blade “built an impressive case for the fight against medals”. said Melotik.

Adding to the value of the broad tip is the included red/green Nock FIT Nockturnal (a $15 value) designed to fit most arrows on the market today. With an MSRP of $46.99 for a three-pack, the cost was below the average price of HuntStand’s 2022 Best Broadhead Field Test, while also including a bonus lighted notch. “Add it all up. . . consistent performance from this head, great value for money and you have the leader in our test,” said Melotik.

Silver medal

The Swhacker 261 Levi Morgan Signature Series 2-inch twin-blade mechanics won the Silver Award. It was one of two largehead models to score perfect in the largehead weight consistency test, and it also performed very well in the deflection test.

Swhacker 261 Levi Morgan Signature Series

“Most impressive,” said Melotik, “was that it was the only mechanic that didn’t lose a blade. In fact, after being pulled through the premium half-inch birch plywood , both heads looked brand new. The blades weren’t even bent. That’s pretty impressive for a 2” mechanic.

You can check out the best broadheads 2022 field test recap video below. Note: HuntStand also produced individual videos with a deep dive into each of the eight hunting heads tested. Click here to find these videos.

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