Using the sun to turn epoxy into furniture

Epoxy resins have been used to make some pretty cool furniture, but since it’s still a relatively new material, manufacturers are still discovering new techniques for working with resin. [Cam] from Blacktail Studio may be the first person to bend fully cured epoxy using nothing but a form and the power of the sun.

Inspired by a friend’s misadventure with an epoxy table left in the sun for too long, [Cam] wanted to see if he could voluntarily bend a sheet of epoxy into an interesting shape. The table top was cast in sections to give an ombré appearance before being planed and given a preliminary surface finish. The epoxy sheet was then attached to a grooved plywood form and left in direct sunlight on a 104°F (40°C) day. Once the sheet began to warp in the sun, ratchet straps and other clamps were added to conform the sheet to the bend shape.

After letting the table relax for a few days, [Cam] finished the surface with lots of sanding and an automotive polishing regimen. The epoxy was then attached to a single zebra wood leg resulting in a very modern looking, waterfall shaped table.

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