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Buying furniture on the cheap: is that even a possibility in these times of inflation? Can you refresh your space without breaking the bank?

Absolutely, says Dianna Baros, founder of The Budget Babe blog. “I always find inspiration on Instagram, from DIYers to budget-conscious decorators,” she says. “There are so many more options these days for affordable home decorating than in the past.”

But the key to finding the best piece of furniture within your budget is to wait, she says.

“I think it helps to be patient and take it little by little,” she says. “It helps to start with a vision, and for that, I love Pinterest and Instagram. Create a mood board and work with a simple color palette so you can change things up seasonally with accent pieces.

With that in mind, Baros offers some tips on the best places to buy furniture on a budget:


Best for: a mid century sofa

wondering where to buy a sofa – especially one that is stylish and affordable? If you’re on the hunt for a new sofa, Wayfair might be a good place to start browsing. “ is amazing. That’s where my husband bought his mid-century leather sofa,” Baros says, adding that if you’re into mid-century, Article is another retailer you could check out.

Costco or Sam’s Club

If you don’t just want a couch, you want a huge comfy section, it’s worth checking stock at Costco or Sam’s Club. You can find plenty of gems at these membership clubs, according to Baros.

Home deposit

Best for: a farmhouse kitchen table

You may think Home Depot is just a hardware store, but it’s not. “I purchased my solid wood farmhouse table from,” Baros explains. If you’re not lucky to find your table there, she also recommends shoppers look at the Rachel Ray line at Macy’s and the World Market Leona extendable tablewho she says is “Instagram famous.”

TJ Maxx

Best for: contemporary coffee table

TJ Maxx is known for deep discounts on everything from designer clothes to beauty products to furniture, from patio pieces to armchairs. But just to show you that price doesn’t always determine quality, Baros says she’s managed to buy some high-quality items there. “I bought an amazing coffee table from TJ Maxx with a solid wood top and a modern metal base,” Baros explains. “It’s so solid, and I haven’t seen anything online that comes close.” and

While not exactly furniture, rugs can have a huge impact on the look of a room. They can also be quite expensive, so Baros recommends checking out several online retailers to find a rug within your budget: and offer a variety of rugs (think: washable, outdoor, shag and more) at different price points. . .


Best for: a good home office

You may be one of the millions of Americans working from home full-time or on a hybrid schedule. This means that a good desk could be in order. “If you’re looking for something with adjustable height and other modern features, has plenty of options,” Baros says. Amazon is also a good place to search for just about any other item, from rugs to bed frames.


Best for: welcoming wall decor

If your walls need sprucing up, you can try Kirkland’s, which is known for its homey farmhouse-style wall art. The Tennessee-based retailer stocks all kinds of furniture and decor items in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, according to Baros.


Best for: a basic bookcase and patio furniture

If you always enjoy turning the pages of a physical book, you may need a place to store and display your titles. Baros recommends checking out library options at Walmart. “I particularly like their Better Homes and Gardens collection,” she says, adding that the patio furniture is also top-notch. You can find a nice range of other furniture options and decor items online and at the brick and mortar retailer.

Facebook Marketplace

Best for: second-hand furniture

Consider spending time browsing Facebook Marketplace to find the furniture on your wishlist. The social platform can be a great place to buy the furniture you are looking for second-hand. Some will even give away items for free just because you save them from having to remove the coins from their house. If you find items through Facebook Marketplace, be sure to be on the lookout for scammers. You should also make sure to carefully inspect the furniture for any damage. “Friends have told me they’re lucky with Facebook Marketplace, although I find it takes a bit of time,” she says.


Best for: various decor

For the finishing touch of a space – mirrors, baskets, vases, textiles, etc. – Target is unbeatable. Additionally, Target offers different lines that aim for different design aesthetics. If you describe your style as boho chic, check out Target’s Opal House line. If you have a more modern sensibility, check out Studio McGee. If you’re a “Fixer Upper” fanatic, Target’s collaboration with Joanna Gaines – Hearth & Home – is for you.

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