Tata Capital unveils new digital campaign to promote home loans

Tata Capital, the flagship financial services company of the Tata Group, has unveiled a new digital campaign this festive season to promote its online home loan offerings. Created by Infectious, the digital campaign is about how fast things are happening in today’s era.

The campaign is a lighthearted approach to life speed. The film shows how things happen instantly in today’s fast-paced world and compares it to instant home loans offered by Tata Capital. The film is aimed at the younger generation who yearn to live in their own home.

Abonty Banerjee

Speaking of campaign, Abonty Banerjee, Digital and Marketing Director, Tata Capital said, “As the holiday season approaches, this campaign is our way of celebrating and delivering innovative digital solutions to our customers. The campaign highlights how fast loan solutions can help people get home loans easily, digitally and at competitive interest rates. »

The digital campaign is live on various social media platforms and will run over a 4-5 week period. These include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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