Sheriff’s deputies recover load of stolen wood

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the rightful owner of a shipment of stolen wood that was discovered in the back of a pickup truck in Manteca.

According to the agency, a probation search that was conducted in the area on December 30 led authorities to uncover the wood cache – which the suspect admitted to officers was stolen.

They believe it may have been pulled from a construction site in the Tracy area in the past two months, but are still looking for the rightful owner so it can be returned.

According to Fortune Magazine, the price of lumber – which was prohibitive at the start of the pandemic due to the shortage – hit a low in August last year at $ 389 per thousand board feet of lumber. .

But these prices did not last long.

Over the next four months, the price of lumber continued to rise – hitting $ 915 per thousand board feet in mid-December, with prices climbing to $ 130 in a single week.

At just $ 800 per thousand board feet, the cost of framing a 2,000-square-foot home is estimated to be around $ 20,000 for materials alone – nearly $ 14,000 for lumber and nearly $ 14,000 for lumber. $ 6,000 more for structural panels like plywood.

The high costs have made the essential material a prized commodity on the black market and prompted some builders to use security overnight to protect their investment.

The package of reclaimed lumber at Manteca included various headers and lumber with orange spray paint along the side – which the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office says came from of a construction site.

Anyone with information regarding the case is encouraged to contact Deputy Brandon Pekarek at 209.938.7845 or by email at [email protected] Those reaching out with a potential tip are encouraged to refer to Case # 21-16570.

To contact journalist Jason Campbell email [email protected] or call 209.249.3544.

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