Sarawak-Australia trade in 2021 at AU$1.1 billion, says Awang Tengah

Awang Tengah (third from right) presents a souvenir to Chia at the end of their roundtable, in the presence of Mussen (third from left), Naroden (second from left) and others.

KUCHING (June 27): Total trade between Sarawak and Australia was A$1.1 billion (RM3.6 billion) last year, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali said Hassan.

A statement released by his office yesterday informed that this was revealed by Awang Tengah during the recent networking roundtable with the Australia Malaysia Business Chamber Western Australia (AMBCAW) in Perth, where the value of exports from Sarawak to Australia in 2021 was AUD 0.4 billion (RM1 0.2 billion) mainly for crude oil, plywood and urea.

He also disclosed that Sarawak’s import value from Australia was A$0.7 billion (RM2.4 billion), mostly for aluminum ores and concentrates.

“I hope we will be able to further discuss areas where Sarawak and Western Australia can strengthen business and trade collaboration, as well as explore potential investments,” he said. said to the more than 20 AMBCAW members present at the roundtable.

Awang Tengah, also Minister for International Trade and Investment, also said Sarawak’s economic growth in 2021 was estimated at between 3% and 4% despite the sluggish global economy.

“As our economic activities normalize with the reopening of the international border, the continued growth of the external sector and the improvement of domestic activities, we have forecast the economy to grow between 5% and 6% in 2022,” did he declare.

Among those present at the roundtable were Malaysian Consul General in Perth Ahmad Fikri Zakian and AMBCWA Vice President Bernard Chia.

Members of the Sarawak delegation were Deputy Minister for International Trade and Investment Datuk Dr Malcolm Mussen Lamoh, Director of Sarawak Economic Planning Unit Datu Abdullah Zaidel, as well as Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry Dzulkornain Masron, Advisor Datuk Naroden Majais and Special Officer Datu Liaw Soon Eng.

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