Property Brothers Baby On the Way! Is their house ready?

Jonathan and Drew Scott have one more reason to celebrate this holiday season: Drew and his wife, Linda phanare expecting their first child.

“The cat is out of the bag, everyone,” Drew announced in a recent episode of their podcast, At home. “Linda is pregnant! “

Phan and Drew are undoubtedly busy preparing their home for the new member of Clan Scott, slated for May. And they’ll have a lot of help from future Uncle Jonathan, a contractor with a lot of experience in making homes more family-friendly. In fact, in the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” he and the future daddy include a perfect upgrade for kids, especially around dinner time.

In the season 6 episode “The Final Move”, Drew and Jonathan meet Meghan and Chris, Calgary, Alberta, parents of two who have moved 14 times in 15 years. Now they live in a 1972 house that they hope to turn into their forever home.

Here’s how the Scott Brothers are using their $ 150,000 renovation budget to add lots of smart upgrades, including one so perfect for parents, we wouldn’t be surprised Drew and Phan already have it.

Small changes can refresh an old fireplace

Before: Owners Meghan and Chris loved the arch of this fireplace.


While many homeowners want to replace an old-fashioned brick fireplace, Meghan and Chris love theirs. Surprisingly, the brothers support their choice.

“It’s one of those things where a lot of skill has been put into it,” says Jonathan, inspecting the brick arch design. “It doesn’t make sense to pull this off.”

The brothers agree to keep the functionality, but suggest a few small changes to refresh the look. They paint the white brick a calming light gray and paint the brass components black to give the feature some contrast.

“It’s about updating the color tones so that when done it’s a nice feature that adds a retro touch but also blends in with anything new,” says Jonathan.

After: Built-in items allow for smart upgrade.


To complete this fireplace, they add a new black quartz fireplace for $ 750 and create built-in elements on either side so this family of four has plenty of storage.

These changes show how retro functionality can fit into a modern home. With a slight change in color and a little extra storage, this fireplace wall is perfect in this home. This upgrade is much cheaper than a new fireplace, and it shows the history of the house.

Arches make an entrance special

front door
Before: This entry didn’t have a lot of character.


Since the brothers keep the design of the vaulted fireplace, they decide to mirror the look to the other side of the room by adding a vaulted entrance.

“Meghan lit up when she was talking about the ark in the fireplace,” Jonathan says. “And so, the idea of ​​making an arch here is going to be like his dream first impression.”

front door
After: The arch makes the entrance very special.


Once the team set up the ark, it’s clear this feature was the right choice. The design adds an elegant touch to the space and draws attention to the unique fireplace.

“It’s good, it’s grand, it doesn’t lock you up,” Jonathan said. “I think just having that little extra ornament makes it special.”

It’s a smart addition that proves that it’s okay to adopt a unique style, and carrying that style from room to room will make the flow of a home easier.

Cream cabinets are warmer than pristine white

kitchen cabinets
Before: Those dated kitchen cabinets had to go.


Meghan and Chris don’t like their old-fashioned wood cabinetry, so they love to help them rip them off, while Jonathan is budgeting for a new set of Shaker-style white cabinetry.

However, the couple say they want to avoid bright whites.

“We would like more of an off-white. … Not a brilliant sterile white but, like, warmer, ”Meghan says.

Next: These creamy cabinets aren’t too austere.


While glossy white cabinetry has been in fashion for years, off-white cabinetry gives this kitchen a more warm and cozy vibe. When the brothers are done installing them, the kitchen looks a lot more modern. Still, the off-white tone keeps this kitchen from looking too modern. The softer shade is also a great way to keep a home warm and inviting without getting too stark.

Use wood tones sparingly

kitchen island
This kitchen island adds earthy vibes to the kitchen.


While the brothers know that replacing wood cabinetry with white will make the kitchen more modern, they aren’t opposed to using wood tones in the space.

Jonathan adds an island to this small kitchen, giving it dark brown cabinetry.

“He will hit with lighter counters,” he says.

When the kitchen is done, it’s clear Jonathan was right. The darker island really pops up next to the light countertop and creamy white perimeter cabinets. The wood tones, in small doses, give this kitchen a classic charm.

An integrated bench is perfect for children

plastic table
Before: the owners dined at this plastic table.


Meals with two young children can be tricky, so to avoid spilling food on the mat, Meghan and Chris have started eating dinner on the small plastic children’s table they keep in their kitchen. Of course, Drew and Jonathan don’t approve!

The Scott brothers replace the kitchen rug with easy-to-clean laminate flooring, then make room for a built-in bench (much more grown-up).

Jonathan knows that a bench will be perfect for this family.

“For the children, it’s great. They can sit on a bench, they can slide, you can fit more kids in, that’s perfect, ”he says.

integrated bench
After: Jonathan Scott says a built-in bench is perfect for kids.


Plus, he knows it’s a great alternative to a traditional dining table as it won’t take up too much space in Chris and Meghan’s tiny house.

“If we had left it with a regular table, we should have left some space behind the seats, and it would stand out more in the room,” says Jonathan. “It tidies him up nicely and nicely. “

The owners mention that they love the modern farmhouse style, so the brothers install planks above the bench seat, which adds that extra charm. Finally, this family doesn’t have to collapse on a plastic children’s table. Now they can dine in serious style!

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