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Jefferson County Sheriff

Locked up: A woman working at a business in Mingo Junction told dispatchers she discovered three small pellet-like holes in the front window on Thursday. She said they weren’t there when the business started and they thought it happened between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. She said she was working with headphones and was unaware that anything unusual had happened.

Ashamed: A Jefferson County resident asked deputies to help an 83-year-old Adena man recover $1,250 from fraudsters on Thursday. She said the scammers told her he had won $1million and a brand new Mercedes and all he had to do was pay the tax and the items would be shipped to him, and convinced him to buy Visa gift cards and then give them the numbers on the return. He bought a total of three cards, one for $250 and two for $500. To date, the old man has not received any awards. She said he had trouble understanding that the call was a scam and hoped a report would help him get his money back and also help him understand the situation better.

Steubenville Police

Odd: A Ross Street resident knocked on a door in the 400 block of Belleview Boulevard and told the owner to call the police because two men had poured an unknown liquid on her Thursday. The owners said the woman said the men were chasing her and asking for water, but she ran away before police arrived. The police located her a few blocks away and she told them she believed they had doused her with gasoline and tried to light her, but the officers said her shirt was dry and that ‘she didn’t smell of gas. She said she did not need medical attention and headed to a nearby friend’s house.

Questionable behavior: A woman told police someone removed plywood from a basement window and threw two bags of trash into the basement of a property in the 300 block of North Sixth Street, Thursday.

Just call: Police checked the 300 block of North Sixth Street for a woman screaming for help on Thursday. They located a woman who had locked herself out of her apartment and was yelling at her roommate to open the door.

Bad luck: A Union Avenue resident told police someone hit his brand new Can-Am Ryker Sport 900 and drove away on Thursday. He said the motorcycle was in perfect condition when he parked it outside his house, and an hour later he found the front damaged and leaking fluids.

Bad drugs: A woman overdosed in the 700 block of Kendall Avenue on Thursday. Police said when they arrived she was leaning against a sofa, unresponsive but still breathing. A roommate said they walked to the market in Maryland and started cooking dinner when she found she was unresponsive and had self-administered naloxone. nasal passage while waiting for help. Steubenville Fire/EMS gave her another dose, to which she responded positively. She told the police she had snorted crack. They gave her a drug treatment form and she was transported to Trinity Medical Center West for further treatment.

Code Issues: Notices of Violation have been sent to owners/occupiers of properties located at 151 Keagler Drive, 155 Keagler Drive, 1305 Arlington Ave., 1307 Arlington Ave., 1309 Arlington Ave., 1434 Oregon Ave., 2661 Alvarado Blvd . and 239 Hollywood Boulevard.

Reserved: Misty S. Rice, 42, 1304 Park St., Steubenville, petty theft and criminal trespassing, Thursday. Rice reportedly replaced price tags on several items at Wal-Mart, “complete the overall transaction for less than the amount the items are selling for”, said the employees. She had previously been banned from all mall properties, police said.

West Virginia State Police

Arrested: Christopher W. MacGregor, 47, RR 2, Wellsburg, driving with a suspension for driving under the influence, Thursday.

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