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Minimalism is all about keeping a space simple, uncluttered and at the same time emphasizing functionality to make it easy to use. For example, a dresser featuring multiple drawers and shelves to store essentials with a long mirror for proper grooming and a handcrafted teak stand to hold bracelets and scarves, literally all in one composite cabinet. Or, for example, a four poster bed made of several materials such as teak wood, brass accents and even fabric, which in turn becomes the anchor point for mixing and matching furniture and other accessories. Orange Tree’s collaboration with Dotto Objects, the Navah bedroom collection is all of this and more.

As Orange Tree founder Gaurav Jain says, “With our vision to collaborate and provide a platform for creative mindsets, we were looking for the right fit. We stumbled across Dotto Objects at Raw Collaborative 2019 (a curated exhibition that brings together known and budding design talent from across the country on one platform), and saw how much they used teak wood and traditional brass to create handmade luxury items. with a view to Indian handicrafts in today’s context. Therefore, Orange Tree and Dotto Objects made perfect sense.

Not surprisingly, since Orange Tree creates eco-responsible furniture made from reclaimed wood, iron, steel, fibers and even pulp. Fusing world-class machinery and manufacturing techniques with the skills of local artisans, the brand strives to provide a “glocal” touch to the environmentally conscious new-age Indian audience.

Navah means ‘new’ and there are many firsts in this collection. For example, with accents keeping the Indian audience in mind, this is Orange Tree’s first design collaboration in the Indian market. It is also the first time that they have used authentic teak wood in their creations. The collection keeps the nostalgic but otherworldly aesthetic by merging it with new techniques and the intelligent use of materials.

Gaurav Jain

“This collection explores home furnishings with Indian craftsmanship in mind in a modern context. Comprised of a variety of materials such as teak wood, brass accents, upholstery and cane weaving, the unique and versatile furniture line brings out the craftsmanship and soul of Indian craftsmanship in a totally modern style to meet the contemporary needs of the growing Indian market. Jain said.

The assortment of chairs, beds, side tables, dressing tables and lounge chairs designed with reclaimed teak wood, as well as the eclectic furniture with curved edges and sleek details such as spherical knobs and gold accents. brass, serve a variety of purposes in addition to being visually appealing. The woven cane forms an airy back in a chair that blends with teak wood, while the sleek, tall turned legs with brass accents make it a treat to behold. The lounge chair allows for cozy seating space with a woven rattan backrest, making it a bold yet delicate design statement.

Dotto, in essence, means singularity, point of convergence, the circle of life. Imagined by architect Veeram Shah and designer Saloni Mehta, the brand creates objects that permeate and reflect daily experiences and observations of architecture, music, art and film in a way healthy. Unique designs do not follow conventional modern trends but create stories based on different design disciplines that are more inspired by the need to learn, explore, experiment and experiment.

“Orange Tree appreciated our use of teak wood and brass and wanted us to design a range of interior furniture in our design language. It was the first time that we were going to design removable bulk furniture, but we took up the challenge. We both had different areas of expertise, so we worked together to understand our possibilities and create Navah, ”said Shah and Mehta, co-founders of Dotto Objects. Obviously, in the midst of discussions about the need for a nature-friendly lifestyle in the aftermath of the pandemic, Navah, who celebrates a simple, minimal design created through eco-friendly business practices, could be the path to follow.

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