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On October 6, a 25-year-old Thomas Avenue man received disturbing text messages via Whatsapp from someone claiming to be “linked to a Mexican drug cartel” and demanding money, otherwise her father would be kidnapped and tortured. Police assured the man it was a scam and he blocked the number.

East hampton

The East Hampton Town Police Department clearance team was called in last Friday afternoon when an intact WWII explosive device was found in the sands of Sammy’s Beach. Three Mile Harbor was closed as the team investigated the artillery, reporting that it ultimately “exploded and destroyed without incident”.

East Hampton Village

A man who recorded videos and photographed Starbucks employees caused unrest there last Thursday morning after baristas said he made them uncomfortable. A supervisor asked him to stop and delete the images from his phone, which he refused to do. As the supervisor called 911, the man reportedly said, “Call the cops, I’m going to shoot this place.” Two officers arrived to help control the situation, prompting the district manager of the corporate coffee chain to say he would “handle the situation internally.”

A Talmage Lane resident complained about after-hours landscaping at several houses across the street on October 5. The call was made four minutes after 6 p.m., the cut-off time for such work, according to the village code. An officer arrived just in time to see several landscaping trucks pulling away.

Later that night, a 50-year-old Apaquogue Road resident called the police when the electricity went out in her home, “fearing the blackout would only target her home,” according to a report. An officer told him that the whole neighborhood had lost electricity.


For the second time in four months, Julie Sweeney has reported a potential break-in of the ice cream truck she parks at Ditch Plain Beach. Around noon on October 5, she arrived to find that a window had apparently been smashed by a stone. Nothing was missing inside the truck. The window was valued at $ 50 and Mrs. Sweeney covered it with plywood.

Sagging port

It’s that time of year again when the cooler weather brings a little more trouble under the North Haven Bridge. On Saturday morning, the police noticed “a lot of glass” there and called the roads department to take care of it. On Sunday, a passer-by reported seeing smoldering logs under the bridge, which police say could be the work of a homeless person or people fishing under the bridge at night to stay warm. An officer used a fire extinguisher to extinguish the embers.

Village police received three calls about the loud music at 136 Jermain Avenue last Thursday evening. A party with outdoor speakers and flashing lights was underway when officers arrived, and the head party animal was asked to turn him down and bring him back inside.

Schiavoni’s IGA director had to call the police twice on October 5 to report two men who had stolen drinks from the aisle four refrigerator a few days earlier. One had three Synergy kombucha drinks and the other had a Remedy Organics smoothie while shopping in the store and left without paying.


Settling in to garden last Thursday morning, a mother from Squaw Road removed her wedding and engagement rings and placed them in a planter on the porch steps to keep them safe. Her young child then became “fussy,” according to a police report, and she took the child for a nap, forgetting the rings. When she went to pick them up that night, they were gone. In the meantime, FedEx and UPS have delivered boxes to the house, and the woman has provided the parcel tracking numbers to the police for possible investigations with the shipping companies.

Later that day, a 42-year-old man from Springs reported that his two fishing rods were stolen from his 30-foot Jupiter center console fishing boat, which was moored at Clearwater Marina. Police have no leads on the theft.


A Knoll Lane resident who sharply criticized East Hampton Airport told police on Oct. 5 that his “Close Airport” signs, which he had placed in various parts of town, were either disappearing or were damaged. He believes the culprit is driving an “old model” beige pickup truck with white stickers on the rear bumper.

Management of the Clubhouse on Daniel’s Hole Road called police on Saturday to report a gray Jeep that had been parked there since Labor Day weekend. The vehicle owner has been contacted. An agent said he would give the owner “a few days” to pick it up before calling a tow truck.

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