Nicchris brings high quality furniture to Malaysia

Nicchris furniture stands out from the competition, specially designed for luxury homes, hotels and catering establishments around the world.

Photo: Nichris

When designing a breathtaking space, whether personal or commercial, the only way to see your vision come to life is through the furniture you choose to inhabit the room.

No one knows that better than Nicchris.

Nicchris will soon present its artisanal production to eat and cafe furniture in Malaysia.

Although Nicchris mainly provides wholesale quality furniture to hotels and luxury homes, it is now bringing trendy wooden and rattan furniture to the mainstream in Malaysia for the first time.

Nicchris’ long partnership with designers, architects and luxury buyers has resulted in many unique handcrafted custom woven wood and jute rope furniture, rattan dining and coffee sets.

Malaysians can now capitalize on this expertise in the form of spectacular luxury pieces offered wholesale for their homes or commercial businesses.

Nicchris, the cabinetmaker

Nicchris is a global fashion fine furniture design and manufacturing company.

The furniture stands out from the competition, specially designed for luxury homes, hotels and catering establishments around the world.

Nicchris has led the markets with our custom seating and dining options, custom designed and made to tell a story in any space while remaining comfortable and functional.

So what you are looking for wooden dining chairs or rattan cafe furniture, Nicchris can ensure that the luxury our customers associate with our brand is present in every piece we offer.

Photo: Nichris

This promise will continue as we expand our dining and seating offerings throughout Malaysia.

Inspired by Scandinavian design and natural materials such as wood and rattan, our dining chairs and cafe table and chairs are expertly designed to tell a story in their spaces.

Although Nicchris pieces are available wholesale in Malaysia, each piece is handcrafted and crafted by expert designers, and we take pride in that work.

No matter which furniture options you choose, a rattan dining chaira wooden dining chair or a cafe table and chairs, you can be assured that your pieces will be of unsurpassed quality and design.

Stand out from cafe furniture

Photo: Nichris

Nicchris, above all, is a company dedicated to craftsmanship and artistry through beautiful bespoke furniture.

Their designers seek to honor and complement Malaysia’s beautiful surroundings with our dining sets, coffee tables, chairs and rattan furniture options.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, many furniture suppliers are more concerned with quantity than quality.

This conundrum means that even if you pay very little for pieces from these retailers, the quality of the furniture will be immediately apparent to your guests.

However, Nicchris is not a mass manufacturer as the designs of the pieces come with amazing craftsmanship and natural wood and rattan elements.

Photo: Nichris

Some of Nicchris’ premium furniture offerings as they expand into new Malaysian markets include:

  • cafe furniture malaysia: With extensive experience in furnishing large catering or cafe spaces, Nicchris prides itself on offering wholesale options of cafe tables and chairs in Malaysia without compromising on our quality.
  • Malaysia Wooden Dining Chairs: Wooden furniture isn’t a new wonder, but Nicchris has breathed new life into the concept. With an elegant design, comfortable shape and unmatched quality, our dining chairs can undoubtedly hold their own in any corner of Malaysia.
  • Malaysia rattan table and chairs: Inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds Malaysia, Nicchris brings its range of rattan dining chairs to Malaysian markets. With a unique look and ample comfort for lounging, the use of rattan in our dining chair options will infuse luxury and comfort into any casual dining or cafe space.

Ultimately, Nicchris furniture has always been the choice of consumers who want to move away from the tired, mass-produced furniture that has flooded the markets and stands out in their space.

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