New owner lines up to buy Lakeside Pointe issues at Nora apartment complex

INDIANAPOLIS — Today was the deadline for the City of Indianapolis to file a lawsuit against owners of the Lakeside Pointe at Nora Apartment who have been cited more than 600 times for housing code violations since 2017.

Instead, the City backed off from its threat and gave Fox Lake AHF, Inc., more time to reach an agreement with its lender and a potential new owner to sell the property at 9000 North College Avenue.

“Late yesterday, the City received written confirmation that the Lakeside Pointe mortgage lender, current owner and a potential buyer are in the process of finalizing the terms of a proposed sale of the property and assumption of the mortgage. by the potential buyer,” read a statement. statement released by Mayor Joe Hogsett’s office this afternoon. “The city and the Health & Hospital Corporation granted the prospective buyer and the lender’s request to stay the nuisance lawsuit filing until the end of February, when the sale is expected to be finalized. The City and HHC will remain in contact with all parties throughout the process; if an agreement is not reached by this date, the nuisance lawsuit will be filed. If a sale is finalized before the end of February, the City will work with the new landlord on a plan to reduce violations and nuisances, but the new landlord must fully comply with their responsibilities to tenants.

Last week, the mayor told reporters he expected there would be nonprofit suitors ready to take over property and fix run-down apartments, demolish buildings damaged by the fire and resolve outstanding code violations.

“My reaction is that I think it’s a hopeless cause that can’t be done. It’s best that it be evacuated and leveled to the ground,” said resident Justin Sparks, who recalled having had struggling with the property management to resolve the plumbing and air conditioning issues.”I don’t think it’s too safe at night. There were times when I heard what sounded like gunshots. There had a shootout and doors kicked in and people robbed at gunpoint.

Resident Michael Mobley stood on the sidewalk outside a building with several shattered windows, plywood siding and doors hanging from hinges.

“It’s a bit abandoned and run down. Broken pipes, broken windows. You can see the fires,” he said, pointing out the damage nearby. “They should condemn some of these old buildings and clean them up a bit.”

Part of the city’s legal threat was the demand that the owners be represented at two demolition order hearings underway this month aimed at demolishing fire-damaged buildings.

“They have trees growing through the windows and grass growing through the walls,” Mobley said.

City inspectors were on site today to document the lack of improvements since the mayor’s ultimatum last week.

The owners did not return multiple requests for comment.

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