New Mobile County Community Corrections Center named after deceased Mobile Court police officer

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Mobile Court Police Officer Charles Craig Greenwald Sr. lost his life on the job at Government Plaza more than 25 years ago, but a building in downtown Mobile now bears his name. This is the new $4.2 million mobile Community Correctional Center on Canal Street.

“I think he represents a lot of other court officers and all the officers who have been killed in the line of duty, it’s not just him up there,” his widow Maria said. Greenwald.

The building houses a court and drug testing, probation officers, and several other programs.

Greenwald’s widow, Maria, and her family come out to see the new building.

“The building is beautiful, much nicer than the old building and I’m very proud and I know my boys are proud of their father,” Maria said.

The Community Correctional Center is a state-of-the-art facility.

The programs hosted inside are designed with public safety in mind. They provide the criminal justice system with an opportunity to increase an offender’s accountability while keeping some people out of a cell.

“You can’t lock everyone down forever, they’re going to come out and we’re providing that supervision for when they come out,” manager Ryan Hill said.

For the judges, the center is vital for the justice system to offer them alternatives to prison.

“We need to make Mobile County a safer place, that’s part of it, but the building they were in before had literally leaky roofs,” Judge Ben Brooks said. “They were sitting at a desk with a piece of plywood behind them for a wall.”

For the Greenwald family, this upgrade of the facilities is essential. With the name of a deceased officer, they hope it will resonate with those who walk inside.

“I hope they realize the officers are there to help and put their lives into service,” Maria said.

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