Nevada County Police blotter: Caller reports people partying in church parking lot



11:33 a.m. – A caller from Minnie Street reported a traffic accident at the intersection of Butler and Minnie Streets. Based on the evidence, law enforcement was able to determine the color and type of one of the vehicles involved. Damage was done to park posts and city signs.

7:05 p.m. – A caller from South Auburn Street reported a suspicious subject walking around the caller’s house asking to borrow a rake. The caller recognized the subject as someone who was put on Facebook trying to break into homes.

11.13pm – A caller from Whiting Street reported a group of people partying in the church car park.


1:12 p.m. – A caller from Olympia Park Road reported a passing begging and passing through traffic. Subject was described as wearing a T-shirt that read “Get Lost”.

6:35 PM – A caller from Highway 20/49 reported that a male subject on the highway had lit something on fire and dropped it through a vent. Another call reported that subject was now in the middle of the highway.

11.15pm – A caller from Sutton Way reported that a subject under a staircase had returned and had been asked to leave but refused. It appeared that the subject had some sort of pipe with which he was smoking something.


2.04am – A caller from Mill Street reported that someone had knocked on their door at 2am every night for the past three weeks.

6:16 p.m. – A caller from Ridge Road reported a suspicious plywood motorhome in the parking lot since Saturday.



7:03 a.m. – A caller from North Bloomfield Road reported a subject passed out in a vehicle, partially suspended from it. Another caller said they saw the vehicle at another location; the windshield was smashed and the subjects were seen driving down various aisles.

9:32 a.m. – A caller from Hidden Hollow Place reported someone firing high powered guns, possibly at abandoned vehicles.

11:51 a.m. – A caller from Taylor Crossing Road reported illegal camping near the riverside NID property.


11:03 a.m. – A caller from Boca Springs Campground reported an abandoned RV blocking part of the roadway. The caller was advised to contact the camp host or the Forest Service. The caller said there were several subjects camping in the area who needed to get out and the RV was preventing trailers from leaving.

9:54 p.m. – A caller from Houghton Ranch Road said he heard a lot of arguing, mostly in Spanish or Jamaican. The caller was worried because the neighborhood hasn’t changed. They didn’t know if they wanted zone control.

11:28 p.m. – A caller from Edwards Drive reported hearing loud voices laughing, then “Ow, that made my head hurt,” then more laughter. The caller was concerned that someone was hurt.


9:36 a.m. – A caller from Fletcher Court reported gunshots. It sometimes looked like target shooting with automatic weapons.

10:54 a.m. – A caller from Penn Valley Drive reported nine lost goats. The caller called back to report that eight goats had been stolen.

12.24pm – A caller from Combie Road asked for help removing a subject in front of the business. The subject was acting strangely and refusing to leave, and pretending to be Jesus and cursing God.

5:49 p.m. – A caller from Washington Road reported two subjects firing guns. The subjects claimed to have permission, but the caller checked with the owner and they did not. The caller asked the subjects to stop but they refused.



11:13 a.m. – A caller from Union Street reported a woman running around and screaming.


6:58 a.m. – A Nevada Street caller reported approximately four subjects camping in four different vans.

—Jennifer Nobles

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