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NEWS & THE OBSERVER: Medical Marijuana Legalization Passes North Carolina Senate With Bipartisan Support
North Carolina is poised to join most of the rest of the country in legalizing medical marijuana, as the state Senate approved Thursday with bipartisan support. There was also some bipartisan opposition to the bill. But in the end, Senate Bill 711 passed 35-10.

THE CENTRAL SQUARE: North Carolina Senate approves bill to reauthorize hemp and CBD legalization
The North Carolina Senate this week unanimously approved legislation to legalize hemp and CBD, which would revert to illegal status in late June without legislative action. Senate Bill 762, sponsored by Senator Brent Jackson, R-Sampson, would allow North Carolina farmers to continue growing hemp for products such as fabric, rope, food, fuel, paint, paper chipboard, plastics and thousands of other products.

Economic development

THE OCRACOKE WATCHER: Bill would fund efforts to support shellfish industry growth
Last year was a record year for farmed oyster production in North Carolina, with an increase of 111% over the previous year. The state’s shellfish industry had an economic impact of $27 million and supported 532 jobs in 2019, according to the latest available economic totals, and various groups are working together to double the number of jobs by the end of the decade.

THE CHARLOTTE WATCHER: More than 220 jobs coming to Union County with new $47 million manufacturing site
A global chemicals and plastics maker will open a manufacturing center in Union County, creating 227 jobs, Gov. Roy Cooper’s office announced Friday. Dymax Corporation’s expansion into North Carolina will mean a $46.7 million investment in Monroe, according to a press release from Cooper’s office.


EDNC: “Parents’ Bill of Rights” Passed by North Carolina Senate
On Wednesday, June 1, the first day of Pride Month, the North Carolina Senate passed a bill banning the teaching of gender identity and sexuality in K-3 grades. The bill, titled “Parents’ Bill of Rights”, was introduced in the Senate last week and passed on Wednesday by a vote of 28 to 18 according to the parties.


CAROLINA’S DIARY: House bill would expand state agencies’ power over water quality and penalties
At a House Judiciary Committee I meeting on June 2, a clash between business, environmental and local interests erupted over a bill that addresses lingering concerns about drinking water in the San Francisco area. Wilmington. House Bill 1095, PFAS Pollution and Polluter Liability, seeks to limit the amount of PFAS chemicals allowed in water and allows state agencies to impose penalties, even retroactively, on those who violate these limits.


CAROLINA’S DIARY: Longtime NC representative Grier Martin resigns
Longtime NC representative Grier Martin, D-Wake, is stepping down as of July 8. The announcement was made during Thursday’s House session. According to WRAL, he is leaving to take a job at the Pentagon.

Health care

WUNC: Why hospitals oppose part of North Carolina’s Medicaid expansion bill
The Medicaid expansion bill includes significant changes to Certificates of Need (CON) regulations, which have already been heavily pushed back by the North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA), a group that represents hospitals in Carolina North. The NCHA has long supported Medicaid expansion, but in a statement this week it said it could not make changes to the certificate of need process.


THE CHARLOTTE WATCHER: North Carolina TV stations pull ad attacking Senate candidate Beasley for ‘misrepresentation’
An attack ad against U.S. Senate candidate Cheri Beasley and her campaign will no longer air on select North Carolina television stations after Cox Media Group determined it contained false claims. Six other outlets have pulled the ad, at least temporarily, while their legal teams review statements made against Beasley.

CMNC: NC Gov. Cooper slams Lt. Governor’s ‘dangerous’ gun rhetoric
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper on Tuesday criticized the state’s lieutenant governor for some of his recent gun comments, calling the remarks dangerous and shameful. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson was at the National Rifle Association’s annual meetings over the weekend, but the comments Cooper pointed to came from a sermon Robinson gave earlier this month in Nash County.


ABC 13 NEWS: ‘It’s disappointing’: Some WNC road projects threatened by NCDOT budget shortfall
The North Carolina State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a 10-year state and federally mandated plan that identifies funding for construction and planning for transportation projects throughout the state . “Really, this is the document where the rubber genre meets the road,” said Tristan Winkler, director of France’s Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

NEWS FROM SPECTRUM 1: Raleigh-Richmond rail line gets $58 million boost from federal government
Development of a high-speed rail line from Raleigh, North Carolina to Richmond, Virginia has been underway for more than a decade, but the project is accelerating. The federal government is investing an additional $58 million to continue work on the road linking the two capitals.

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