My top 5: Jeff Shinabarger from Plywood


Jeff Shinabarger is the founder of Plywood, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that serves social needs across the city. He takes the pulse of hundreds of social entrepreneurs doing incredible work in the Metro Atlanta area.

Their first event, Plywood Presents, will take place next Thursday, 12 august.

Prior to this event, we asked her about her Top 5 Atlanta-born Social Enterprises. As Shinabarger says, “The future is good! “

1. Refuge Coffee Co.: This vocational training program has become the cornerstone of the community of Clarkston, one of the most diverse square kilometers in the country. You’ll look around and want to be friends with everyone who fills the old gas station turned conversation center.

2. Mission Mighty Me: If you have kids, you know nut allergies have become a big concern. This project aims to end peanut allergies forever with a tasty new treat.

3. Oh Happy Dani: Danielle Coke creates activism through art. In his words, “using art and words to help good people become better neighbors,” while adding beauty to all of our lives. She is a gift to this world and creates a story of hope contrasted with racism, privilege and injustice.

4. The Giving Kitchen: From a heart-wrenching personal story, a service has been created that gives hope to thousands of people every year. Through micro-grants, this non-profit organization supports food service workers who are medically unable to work.

5. New Story Charity: Housing is a basic need for everyone, and this nonprofit is reinventing the way to make housing through 3D construction and charity fundraising. It is this kind of reflection and demand for excellence that encourages organizations to dream bigger.

To learn more about this type of work, subscribe to the Plywood newsletter and visit Plywood Place.

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