Man Makes $400 A Week Coming Home From Shipping Container | Video

The Australian dad said he knew revealing he was earning $400 a week in rent from the modified container would spark “controversy” but argues it’s a bargain.

An Australian dad spent $30,000 on a shipping container from China and turned it into a two-bedroom house he now rents out for $400 a week.

Zackary South documented the portable home’s arrival and installation on TikTok, with his videos earning millions of views.

The container took three months to arrive from China and its first video shows it being delivered and unfolded into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home, complete with kitchen and living room.

“I intentionally put how much we get in rent for the container house. Now I knew it was going to cause a bit of controversy, so it kind of shows your mindset,” he said in a TikTok video.

“So if you saw that $400 rent for that container house and thought ‘Man, that’s expensive,’ you have a renter’s mindset. But if you saw that and you you’re like, “Damn, I need to buy one”…it’s an investment mindset.

“The container house has a carport, as well as a closed hangar of nine meters by four meters. It also includes water, electricity and internet, so for $200 per person there are two living in there, I would say that’s a really good deal for both parties.”

The 28-year-old said he originally planned to put a granny flat on his one-acre property but then decided to take the risk when he came across the portable homes.

He roped his whole family together to fit out the house, which measures 12m by 6m and is 17m² in total.

The team had to use a car jack to level the container on blocks, before lifting the floors and walls and screwing them into place.

There were stone worktops and four pre-assembled cupboards to be fitted in the kitchen, along with 12 windows which include fly screens, while South said he was also able to choose the color of the laminate flooring.

“I started vlogging the whole renovation because I have some really big plans coming up,” he said. The mirror.

South’s one-year-old daughter is currently undergoing chemotherapy, so he wanted to do the TikTok videos for her as well.

“I wanted my daughter to be able to watch these videos again and see how much we’ve accomplished,” he said.

“Once I put the video on TikTok, my comments were filled with people who were positively surprised at how easy and cheap this type of hosting was.”

The house does not contain a separate laundry room, with the washing machine and dryer in the bathroom, and there are no wardrobes in the bedrooms.

But the Gold Coast-based man has had tenants inside the house for the past six months.

On a tour of the place he reveals he has provided a pantry and extra benching, while there is a table oven and hob in the kitchen and twin shower heads in the bathroom.

He said the things he would like to be able to change about the container were its 2m height and that he would have gone with the corrugated iron roof if he could choose again.

South said his first container house video garnered nearly 30 million views.

“I think this type of portable container home could solve the housing crisis and homelessness, so I’m glad I inspired people to talk about it,” he added.

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