Laminex Australia in top 10 best places to work

Laminex Australia has been recognized as one of the country’s best places to work in the Australian Financial Reviewis prestigious CHIEF List of best places to work 2022, Manufacturers monthly find out.

Laminex Australia’s exceptional commitment to providing a supportive, challenging and rewarding workplace has earned it a prominent place in the Australian Financial Review‘s Best Places to Work list for 2022, ranked 10th in the Manufacturing and Consumer Goods category for the second consecutive year.

Proudly Australian, the company has been a part of Australian life for over 85 years and continues to support the local economy by committing to operate all of its manufacturing processes locally. Laminex Australia manufactures high pressure laminate, compact laminate and wet area panels, decorated MDF used for cabinet doors, raw particle board and MDF at their various sustainable factories across Australia. As a subsidiary of Fletcher Building, the company has grown to become one of the largest employers in its field.

To secure a competitive edge as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers, Laminex Australia has invested heavily in its employee-focused initiatives and training, hoping to cultivate an aspirational work environment for employees.

“Our people are the backbone of our business, so it’s important to us that every member of staff feels valued and engaged at work,” said Laminex Australia Executive Managing Director Justin Burgess.

“We are committed to driving innovation in all pillars of our business, from product development to our internal communications, which has allowed us to cultivate a stimulating, engaging and agile work environment.”

Best places

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) and CHIEF The magazine’s Best Places to Work awards are based on a rigorous evaluation process managed by Inventium, Australia’s leading behavioral science consultancy. This includes a written submission and staff survey examining policies, practices and programs that help companies support their teams.

The awards recognize high-performing organizations that are at the forefront of best practice in areas such as well-being, flexibility and equality, and that push the boundaries of workplace policies and practices. work.

With an underlying focus on culture, Laminex Australia is passionate about looking at things differently to achieve the best outcome.

“Our goal is to innovate and be smart enough, and to lean in and think about how to compete in a global market,” Burgess said. “I passionately believe we can do it and be successful. I think it creates a unique proposition for us to challenge the status quo and not be afraid to reinvent ourselves, to stay relevant in Australian manufacturing.

This manifested in its Work from Anywhere arrangement which allows all non-operational staff to work from any location, any day of the week. The company’s flexible working model has allowed Laminex to employ people from across the country, rather than being limited to their Melbourne roots, and employees have enjoyed the benefits of spending more time with family, to be able to prioritize their health and save money by eliminating their daily commute to work.

Laminex Australia’s remote working policy has also allowed the company to explore new online communication tools to ensure its teams feel as connected as they would when working full-time in an office. . One way to do this is through the company’s in-house LaminexLive TV show, which allows Laminex Australia to educate its employees on macro trends that will impact the business in a dynamic and engaging way.

The interactive learning experience introduces global trends – such as climate change, the great resignation or supply chain issues – then puts it into a Laminex Australia context with stories of frontline workers who are connected to what is happening.

LaminexLIVE has been instrumental in the company’s ability to keep employees engaged and connected, which is critical to the success of a flexible working regime.

Laminex Australia’s people-driven innovation is underpinned by a well-established work culture that spans over 85 years.

“We are extremely proud to receive recognition for our workplace policies and practices, and we look forward to developing them over the coming years,” Burgess said. “The best is yet to come.”

For more information on what makes Laminex Australia a great place to work, please visit Careers | Laminex AU.

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