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A lot of decisions go into creating the perfect decorating scheme, but according to Kate Watson-SmyIn Mad About The House, there is one article in particular that is worth seeing: the flooring.

“If you put cheap furniture on a good floor, you’re going to depreciate everything. Have a good floor and spend the money on it, ”says Kate Beautiful United Kingdom House. “Inexpensive furniture will be enhanced by a good floor covering. If you have scrap laminate flooring, you can put all the expensive sofas you like in it, but it will all come down to the laminate level. ‘

Kate has just launched her own interior design course with Create Academy, offering a how-to guide of over 25 video lessons helping you tackle any room in your home. Preview a video above where it reveals one of the best places to find inspiration – boutique hotels.

Kate certainly knows the ropes. Her clever four-step decorating tip – something old, something new, something black, something gold – is the secret to creating a truly stunning space. While each step does wonders, it tells us that it is the “something old” that we should be paying special attention to.

Kate’s stylish living room

Kate watson-smyth

“There is a movement, which I fully support, to buy more sustainably and invest in pieces that we will love forever,” says Kate. ‘I sort of see a death of the [seasonal] tendencies. It’s learning how to buy what’s right for you and you’ll end up loving it forever. Each room must have something vintage, because that gives it more character.

The toxic implications of fast fashion have long been discussed, but the rise of “fast furniture” is also quickly filling landfills – and Kate says it’s time to pick up those go-to staples and buy some vintage at the. square. “I have a sofa in my living room that belonged to my great-grandmother. I had it re-upholstered and I love it. I love that there is that connection and that it’s a beautifully crafted piece of furniture that can be re-upholstered as many times as you can afford, ”she adds.

Kate Watson Smyth's kitchen with a golden ceiling
Kate’s kitchen table with crittall style doors leading to the garden

Kate watson-smyth

Kate’s new course exists to help homeowners find their own style of interior design, but what’s her tip for decorating a room when you’re feeling clueless? “Always ask yourself these six questions: who, what, when, where, how and why,” she says. “I think before you do anything you have to ask yourself, ‘Whose room is this? For example, is your kitchen a hard work space or is it the party room? ”

Kate Watson Smyth's bathroom with patterned tiles
Kate’s beautiful tiled bathroom

Kate watson-smyth

Wonder Why you want to redecorate a room is vital. It’s easy to get carried away by popular paint colors and wall trends, but take the time to think carefully about the room you want to update and what exactly you want to do with that space.

“Why do you want to redecorate this room? For example, someone might want to decorate a space to make it a really good movie theater, but it’s not being used because nobody likes curtains. Make a list of what’s wrong with the room and ask why you want to decorate it. These are the key questions to ask.

You’ll have a home you’ll be proud of in no time.

• You can order Kate’s lesson, How To Be Crazy About Your Home: Kate Watson-Smyth’s Guide To Finding Your Own Home Decor Style, with Create Academy for £ 127. For more information, visit createacademy.com/kate-watson-smyth.

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