Isabella Rossellini bets the farm


“My slogan is’ Make America Small Again!” Says actress and philanthropist Isabella Rossellini, 69, who runs organic farm and boutique inn Mama Farm in the hamlet of Brookhaven, New York, with her daughter, Elettra Wiedemann , 38, a former food editor and model. “Small businesses, family shops, cottage farms, when things get too big you just can’t notice it. ”

Since 2013, she has owned this plot in Suffolk County on Long Island, three acres of which is cultivated by heirloom vegetable specialist Patty Gentry of Early Girl Farm (essentially a farm within a farm). “It really is a place for the community to come together,” says Rossellini. The name of the resort is a nod to the profusion of women and female animals on site.

Until this summer, the only visitors allowed were members of the weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), which offers seasonal Early Girl vegetables as well as eggs, bread, meat, maple syrup. and cheese programs. Starting this month, with Wiedemann in charge of operations, it has evolved to include a three bedroom B&B. Guests will have full access to the property. The farm’s programming includes a series of ‘full moon’ concerts featuring a pop-up restaurant by local chef Francis Derby and monthly music lessons for children on Sunday mornings, which include breakfast and a scavenger hunt. the farm. Chefs like Gabrielle Hamilton and Anita Lo have hosted dinners on the property.

Wiedemann says they decided to open the B&B after realizing there was a need for rental options in the area. “We noticed that a lot of our farm members received family and friends and didn’t have enough room to accommodate them comfortably,” she says.

“In Italy they have agriturismos, small farms that can cook food and keep people entertained, where you can spend the night and bring your children to see chickens and animals,” says Rossellini, who was born in Rome. “I thought we could adopt this model. The biggest problem with small organic farms is making them financially viable, ”she says. “It is essential that mine becomes mine, because I will not be here forever. “

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