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Home improvement projects require a significant financial investment. But just because an owner wants to bring a new look inside doesn’t mean they have to break the bank along the way.

Living rooms are among the most frequently used spaces in a home, and they can use an update once in a while to stay trendy or to make the area more functional for changing family dynamics. Here are some budget ideas to breathe new life into living room designs.

Establish the budget: Homeowners need to figure out how many dollars they can spend on their living room remodel before buying supplies or hiring the labor. Determine the scope of the renovation, visit stores or suppliers to determine the price of materials, get estimates from contractors, then plan for unforeseen circumstances along the way to determine if this type of renovation is affordable. If not, scale things back until the project fits your budget more closely.

Change the paint color: Lighter and brighter colors are in fashion. A can or two of paint can do wonders for updating a space without a big financial commitment. Pair this new paint color with new window coverings and complementary throw pillows to pull the theme together with minimal expense.

Update flooring: Tired and outdated carpets or other floor coverings may need an overhaul. Although solid hardwood flooring is preferable, there are many types of laminate flooring that mimic the look of popular wood colors and styles for a fraction of the cost. Plus, many are sold at home improvement retailers and even at warehouse clubs or online at reasonable prices. Laminate flooring can also be a potential DIY job for a skilled homeowner, saving even more money.

Introduce a fireplace: Fireplaces were once a staple, but that popularity waned in the 1970s and 1980s. Homeowners with fireplaces may find that a fireplace has been capped and the bare bones still exist and can be remodeled to restore character. There are also ventless freestanding units that are quite affordable and can mimic the look of a built-in fireplace.

Reupholster instead of replacing furniture: There’s no need to throw away quality furniture if the fabric is the only thing that gets in the way of the design.

A new upholstery or even a cover can update the designs.

Conquer clutter: Rather than adding anything to the living room, remove the clutter to give the room a more airy feel. It can instantly change the look of the room. Use cord covers to tame outlets for electronic devices and remove unnecessary furniture from the room.

Improve lighting: Another simple and often inexpensive fix is ​​changing fixtures, including using brighter, more energy-efficient LED bulbs, and assessing lighting needs to eliminate dark corners in rooms that can make the space look dull. .

Living spaces in need of an update can often benefit from upgrades that don’t hurt the wallet.

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