IKEA launches furniture collection to “democratize the gaming experience”


IKEA launched its first line of furniture designed for PC gaming in collaboration with popular hardware brand Republic of Gamers.

The collection contains four desks with chairs at prices that IKEA says will make professional-level facilities accessible to more people.

IKEA play furniture includes the Matchspel chair (top image) and the Uppspel desk

“The needs of billions of players around the world are very diverse, while the existing offering is rather technical and often seen as male design, although around 46% of players are female,” said Ewa Rychert, global workspace business leader. at IKEA.

“We believe there is a lot to be done to democratize the gaming experience,” she continued. “Now we’re taking the first step in our gaming journey and we’re doing it by showcasing affordable, high-performance gaming products and complete solutions that we hope reflect people’s personalities and tastes. “

Utespelare chair and desk from the game furniture collection by IKEA and Republic of Gamers
The Utespelare range is more refined and refined

Comprising a range of accessories, the collection includes over 30 products available in classic black as well as more refined white and gray options.

IKEA worked with Republic of Gamers (ROG), the gaming hardware brand of Taiwanese electronics company ASUS, to create a core line called Uppspel.

The most technically advanced of all versions, it includes a desk that can be adjusted in height using an electric motor to create optimal playing conditions.

Uppspel desk charging station and height adjustment panel
A USB charging station is integrated into the Uppspel desktop

It has an extra-large tray to hold two screens at a healthy and comfortable eye distance, as well as a built-in USB charging port.

A recessed edge can be turned towards the user to allow them to rest their arms or it can be turned to face the wall and allow computer cables to be hidden out of sight.

Perforated panel and Uppspel shelves from the game furniture collection by IKEA and Republic of Gamers
Uppspel pegboard can store additional equipment and accessories

Additional gear like headsets and controllers can be tucked away in a sleek, matching black drawer or displayed on a pegboard, with built-in magnetic strips holding tools or screws.

For the computer’s central processing unit (CPU), IKEA and ROD have developed a width-adjustable metal stand, which they claim is capable of holding more computer towers than any product on the market. .

Matchspel chair back white
Blue accents distinguish the white Matchspel chair

The accompanying Matchspel chair has been designed to follow the user’s movements and is fully adjustable from seat and back tilt to head and armrest height to help reduce muscle tension.

All remaining products were developed by IKEA based on the knowledge gained through collaboration, adapting them to different budgets and interiors.

Utespelare desk from the game furniture collection by IKEA and Republic of Gamers
The Utespelare desk has a grid insert for ventilation

The slightly more streamlined Utespelare range features a slim desk that can be adjusted manually, while a metal mesh insert allows air to circulate around the PC and prevents it from overheating.

A matching chair is available in black or gray faux leather with a built-in pocket on the back to keep essential gear close at hand.

Lånespelare cup holder
Screw-in cup holder helps keep desk space clear

On the more affordable side is the Huvudspelare series, which includes a matte black desk meant to facilitate an immersive gaming experience, while a mesh backrest on the accompanying chair improves ventilation when the going gets tough.

Besides furniture, the Lånespelare range of accessories includes everything from extra-large mouse pads and neck pillows, to helmet holders and desk-top cup holders to prevent spills.

A ring light with a built-in phone holder is for those who stream their online games, while a mouse rubber band is designed to hold the device cable in place to prevent it from getting tangled or causing friction in the middle of the game.

Lånespelare cup holder from the game furniture collection by IKEA and Republic of Gamers
For streamers, IKEA released a ring light with phone holder

Currently, the collection is only on sale through IKEA China, but will be available worldwide later this year.

With the aim of making play equipment more accessible, the company also created in 2019 a series of 3D printed accessories that can be personalized by the user.

Microsoft has already launched an Xbox controller for people with reduced mobility and even redesigned the packaging of the console to make it easier to open.

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