How to Sell Furniture Online (2022 Guide) – Forbes Advisor

While it can be tempting to jump right into reselling furniture, it’s important to do some prep work first. In addition to cleaning, you’ll need quality images to upload and a thoughtful description to grab a buyer’s attention. Before listing your furniture online, be sure to:

Clean and repair

First, before you do anything else, clean your furniture well. Start by emptying all the drawers and removing the cushions to check for crevices. For fabric items, this means vacuuming thoroughly, as well as steam cleaning and spot treating as needed. For wood or glass, plan for plenty of dusting and shine. Correct or repair damage as needed. The goal is to make each piece of furniture as close to the showroom as possible.

Take good photos

Once your items are sparkling clean, it’s time to take the photos that will accompany each listing. While your phone’s camera should be powerful enough to take quality photos, pay special attention to the lighting and try to shoot on a clear day. Also pay attention to what else is in the photo and clean up if necessary. No one wants to buy a bedside table covered in books or a chair with a pile of laundry on it.

Create an accurate description

The furniture you sell is second-hand, so you don’t have to pretend it’s in perfect condition. Be honest and provide close-up photos of any details the buyer should be aware of, such as small flaws, scratches, or tears. In the written description, include the approximate age of the part, as well as the brand and where it was originally purchased (if you have that information).

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