Governor Bala’s privatization of moribund, premature and self-centered industries

Governor Bala Mohammad

January 8, 2022; the day the Minister of Education Mal. Adamu Adamu married his daughter in Azare, Bauchi State was another milestone in my writing career because my article with the caption “Governor Bala, please revamp the moribund Bauchi industries” spread across the center page of the Daily Trust newspapers.

I was actually at home enjoying my usual weekend when a close friend of my late father, a seasoned international journalist and an excellent writer with his media consultancy based in FCT, Abuja spent a call informing me of the release of the uncompromising and good writing devoid of any personal interest but that of the citizens which prompted my attention to instantly shift to the newsagents at the popular Wunti Gate near the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium for buy a copy.

The article not only caught the attention of Governor Bala Mohammef to redeem his commitment to revamp moribund industries that have been neglected in the past to improve revenue generation, but perhaps he challenged to give them a second look as a priority area instead of focusing on the minor. road projects in the state capital that as a construction industry expert I have described as a misdirection of priorities not even succumbing to the question of bribes or more concessions mutuals between the government and the contracting companies as an allegation speculated by about more than 2/3 of people in the state.

A few days after this meaningful reminder was posted, another close friend of my dad and classmate who runs one of these types of non-state industries called me to see him at his office for another deal, but congratulated me on this patriotism. , asking if I received a negative incitement from the government and answered with a capital NO before finally giving me a fatherly word of blessing as he used to every time we met recalling the moments and hardships shared with my late dad.

The worst aspect of the privatization policy is that the state of Bauchi would only benefit from 25% of all the profits generated by these private companies whose preparations to sacrifice and take them over had reached an advanced stage and some of which had already existed for the 1960s. before the creation of the state when the Tafawa Balewa were in power and the 70s at a time when almost all people aged 60 and over benefited immensely from the socio-economic potentials of these objects of creation of wealth for the State and the country as a whole and why not the same to extend to future generations.

The possible implications of the implementation of the said privatization policy in the state, as evidenced by the administration of the obasanjo where the country’s telecommunications company known as NITEL was privatized; causing many employees to lose their livelihoods in this way would not only lead to job dissatisfaction, but could end up increasing the rise of insecurity among workers who could be laid off from their service in the affected sources of income which, in in turn, might engage in other social vices such as banditry, kidnapping and armed robbery to earn a living.

Normally, Governor Bala should have, instead of this decision, continued to implore the voters to win their hearts to get their sympathy from the fully equipped soldier to enter the state’s number one official residence which awaits an automatic executive license on his siren. 24/7 like all the other governors stop their intention until after the second victory is probably on his way and emerging he even happens to be the deputy governor who was appointed to chair the committee on privatization, I could have refused the offer simply to stray on the untimely and especially impromptu decision taken by the government whose faith nor the chances of winning the election of the next generation could not even be guaranteed or established.

Moreover, there are clear and strong indications of the widespread rumors circulating in some quarters that the Governor is unlikely to choose Senator Baba Tela to replace him for the second term and less than 72 hours after the said announcement is made. implementation of the policy, a serving member of NASS presented himself as the candidate to be the next Governor’s Commanding Officer days before his official statement by HE who later announced the change and through the appropriate channel should in case they would emerge victorious by coincidence. Thus, triggering the story to be well balanced simultaneously contains all the elements of truthfulness.

The moribund industries in Bauchi State concerned recently presented by the privatization program of Governor Bala Abdulkadir, considered the son of the soil by his people, are the Bauchi Meat Products Factory facilitated by the Prime Minister of era which is the second on the whole African continent after that of Botswana. , a fertilizer blending company that produces chemical fertilizers for agrarian communities across the state and beyond, a Bauchi furniture company producing quality woodwork like beds, cabinets, chairs and desks that have the taste of the times Wikki hotel which was known as the old protea hotel built by the former governor and quantity surveyor like me but with his MSc in construction management Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu the walin Bauchi and the hotel Zaranda, among others.

Remember that no matter what seems to have happened as a result of your previous selection by those who deem you fit for the job to give the required confidence and trial as their right choice, you should have justified the confidence placed in you by the ladder. preferably since Bauchi State is superior to all of its people no matter what type of social class one tends to come from mistaking after all we are not in a military era where decrees are issued to replace an act or section of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended and which does not prejudice the rights of free speech, movement or formation of any club and association.

Your Excellency Sir, I humbly wish to speak on behalf of other concerned natives who lack the ability to voice their opinions while urgently advising you to return, recover or withdraw your decision to sell. moribund state-owned industries and certain properties functional for the best interest of a larger society in the state which you arrived at without proper consultations by way of a refusal to engage in a public hearing as scheduled by any good servant or leader by his followers or face more constructive criticism from not only members of the pen profession who have woken public office holders from a protracted slumber, our organized swarming writers acting as dog of guarding society and the “the” day voters look forward to guarding their sword ready to return the favor no matter what sort of cartoon shows like the popular Tom and Jerry have presented them over the past four years, sooner or later in 2023.

Gabi, a journalist, writes from Bauchi via +2348033990884,[email protected]

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