Furniture for the perfect living room layout

Interior decorating ideas are endless and choosing suitable furniture is yet another task. First of all, you need to understand what furniture will highlight your personality and lifestyle. To help you in the history of your home, we have a comprehensive list of furniture that will complement everything in your living room. Scroll down and check out some stylish furniture to enhance your home decorating game.

1. 3 seater sofa with bed

This The 3-seater sofa bed is the most suitable piece of furniture for a modern lifestyle. The sofa easily converts into a bed. It is durable and provides adequate back support. With high quality fabric, this sofa will complement your home story better.

Price: Rs. 19000

Offer: Rs. 11,869

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2. Pouf

Poufs are for comfort and relaxation. It can be used as a seating furniture in several ways. You can relax, sit or lie on the beanbag and watch your favorite series in a row.


Price: Rs. 1899

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3. Single seat recliner

This The single seat recliner is made of high quality Duroflex foam. It offers excellent back support and great comfort with the polyfill cushion on the armrest. The recliner will spice up your living room and amaze your guests with your modern and classic lifestyle.


Price: Rs. 28,950

Offer: Rs. 15,923

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4. Faux fur pouf

These poufs can be used as a seat stool in the living room. You can also use it as a footrest. This stunning seating furniture is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, dressing tables and more.


Price: Rs. 5,999

Offer: Rs. 3199

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5. Engineered wood sofa center table

A sofa installed in the living room may seem incomplete without a central table. So this The engineered wood sofa center table is an impeccable piece of furniture that will help you complete the story of your sofa set. It is pre-laminated and therefore water resistant.


Price: Rs. 5000

Offer: Rs. 2271

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Now you don’t have to waste a lot of time designing your living room story. Choose these classic seating furniture and give your home a makeover in no time at all. Why invest in heavy furniture when you can decorate your living space in a concise and economical way?

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