Father and toddler killed when pickup crashes into Long Beach home – NBC Los Angeles

A 3-year-old girl and her 42-year-old father were killed Tuesday night when a van slammed into the wall of an apartment bedroom in Long Beach.

Authorities are now looking for the driver, who took off after the crash.

Plywood boards were placed over the huge hole left in the Long Beach home after the vehicle drove through the wall of the building around 10 p.m.

According to the Long Beach police preliminary investigation, the 2014 Dodge pickup truck was traveling at high speed, heading north on Rose Street, when it veered off the road.

The house is just off Highway 91, at the intersection of Artesia Boulevard and Rose Avenue, and close to the street. The accident was violent enough that the truck was actually inside the room on the other side of the wall, where the three-year-old girl was.

Speed ​​was a factor in the crash, police said.

The driver, described as a man between 20 and 25, fled.

The toddler was under the van after it went through the wall. Authorities were able to take her to hospital, where she was treated but unfortunately did not survive serious injuries.

Her 42-year-old father also died as a result of the accident. He was identified by the coroner’s office as José Palacios Gonzalez.

A family of four lived in the home, police told NBC4. The toddler’s mother and 9-year-old brother were not injured.

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