DIY fanatic shows how she got a bespoke stair runner for under £50 and it’s easy to install

WITH the cost of living so high, getting into any type of home improvement can be incredibly expensive.

But a budgeted home renovation can still look chic and trendy.


A couple installs an easy-to-install stair runner.Credit: Tiktok/@newbuild_with_character

Newbuild with character is a TikTok account run by a couple renovating their first home.

They love DIY and are inspired by neutral colors.

In a recent video, they shared a DIY stair runner renovation that only cost them £50.

They said: ‘How we made our DIY stair runner for under £50.’

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They told their viewers, “We did both stairs in this runner style.”

“When we moved into our new build, we asked for the stairs to be painted white because we had finally planned on doing it – we just procrastinated massively!”

First they covered their stairs with white paint.

Then they added carpet adhesive to each step.

This will ensure that the runner does not move, which can be quite dangerous on the stairs.

After the carpet adhesive was stapled, they added pads.

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When buyers first bought their treadmills from B&Q, they said, “We bought three runner runners from B&Q for each stair on sale for £15 each!!”

These are the Lalash beige runner from B&Q.

But it seems the runners are popular, the account user said: “I had to go to two different stores because the stock was so low but for the money we saved I think that in worth it !”

The top of the carpet is connected to the landing with a stair nosing ideal for laminate floor carpets.

The user said that even though the project was a DIY, the stair runner is very secure.

They said, “Each step is stapled, glued and has carpet adhesive. It has been in place for three months so far and no movement yet”.

They taped the carpet to their staircase


They taped the carpet to their staircaseCredit: Tiktok/@newbuild_with_character

Viewers were very impressed with the video which now has 520,000 views.

One commenter said: ‘It’s so much better than mine and mine was installed by Carpet Right…. Fake’

They secured the runner with stapled carpet adhesive


They secured the runner with stapled carpet adhesiveCredit: Tiktok/@newbuild_with_character

Another said: “It’s very well made for this price”.

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