Classic Bedroom Furniture to Grab at Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 Sale

Do you spend most of your time in the bedroom? Well, after a long day of work or play, a bedroom is where you unwind from your stress and calm your wonderful soul. But when it comes to a bedroom, it’s not always about the bed, blankets and pillows. The furniture, lamps and decorative objects sprinkle the room with a charm and a well-deserved peace. It is a room that represents your personality as a whole. Want to brighten up your bedroom space? The Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 sale helps you grab classic bedroom furniture at deep discounts. From bed, side tables and dressing tables to chairs, cater for everything you need!

Classic Bedroom Furniture to Choose from Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2022

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Vega Bedside Table

It’s time to revamp your slumberland with one of the premium engineered wood side tables. Well, no bedroom decor is complete without a side table. It accompanies the bed and adds charm to your bed by allowing you to store your night essentials. This Solimo Vega Nightstand is crafted from imperial teak and features a modern espresso finish. It has a sturdy structure and an easy-to-clean design. A bedroom drawer and spacious lower shelf make it penny worthy.

Price: Rs. 3,699

Bid Price: Rs. 2,499

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2. Amazon brand- Solimo Polaris queen bed with storage box

LIT- A three letter word that holds huge significance and captures big eyeballs. If you share an unbreakable relationship with your bed, this Solimo Polaris Queen Bed with Storage Box is meant to be your soul mate. It has a premium walnut finish that stands out in glory and complements any decor story you create. It is free of burrs and sharp edges and fits well into the mattress. So, are you ready to go to bed after a hectic day at work? Well, this bed is durable and withstands all your bumps and jumps.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Polaris Queen Bed with Storage Box

Price: Rs. 21,999

Bid Price: Rs. 10,479

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3. Amazon Brand – Alpha Engineered Wood Solimo Cabinet

The bed and the wardrobe are linked to each other. Without a doubt, a wardrobe completes the look of your bedroom. And a wooden wardrobe has it all, especially if it exudes aesthetics. Take a look at this 3 door wardrobe from Solimo. It is constructed from imperial teak wood with an oak finish. It comes with several shelves, a chest of drawers and compartments to solve all your storage problems. Nonetheless, the timeless love for wood cabinetry never ends as sophistication and simplicity never go out of style.

    Amazon Brand - Alpha Solimo Engineered Wood Cabinet

Price: Rs. 24,999

Bid Price: Rs. 13,499

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4. BLUEWUD Adaly Engineered Wood Dressing Table

A dressing table with mirrors stands upright in the corner of the bedroom because you can’t take your eyes off yourself when you’re in the bedroom. This dressing table comes with a mirror, a drawer and a shelf at the bottom so you can easily organize all your essentials. Now, nothing will stop you from primping yourself in front of the mirror. Go get this dressing table at a discounted price only from the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 sale

    Adaly BLUEWUD Engineered Wood Dressing Table

Price: Rs. 7,999

Bid Price: Rs. 5,956

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5. Driftingwood Round Solid Wood 3-Drawer Dresser

To keep your bedroom tidy, you need to organize your things smartly. If you have a habit of throwing things away and seemingly losing them, then this three drawer dresser is especially designed for you. It is crafted from solid wood and features a rich walnut finish. So to give your bedroom an urban feel, grab this round chest of drawers and easily locate your essentials.

Driftingwood Round Solid Wood 3-Drawer Dresser

Price: Rs. 9,504

Bid Price: Rs. 6,159

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6. DFC Blight Engineered Wood Versatile Side Table

Side tables are essential bedroom furniture. They enhance the beauty of your bed and serve as a sturdy base for your bedside lamp. If you love lamps or need to sleep with the essentials on the side, grab this aesthetic side table without a second thought. It has a matte wood grain finish with a contemporary design. It is easy to clean and lightweight. Thanks to Amazon’s Great Indian Festival 2022 sale for making it budget-friendly as well.

DFC Blight Engineered Wood Versatile Side Table

Price: Rs. 2,990

Bid Price: Rs. 1,169

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seven. Sofa in Duroflex Ease fabric

Right after your bed, the cozy corners of your bedroom should be well decorated. In addition to indoor plants, lamps and curtains, be sure to save space for this fabric sofa in your bedroom. Highly resilient foam and non-silicone backing provide exceptional comfort and support. Hang this one-seater sofa and place it in your bedroom for pure relaxation.

Sofa in Duroflex Ease fabric

Price: Rs. 15,330

Bid Price: Rs. 7,282

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So how do you plan to revamp your bedroom? We are sure that these 7 best classic pieces of furniture have captured your heart. But no need to resist bringing them home. The Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 sale is live, cutting your bills. Without further ado, get ready, head over to Amazon and slip these contemporary beauties into your cart. We assure you that you will fall in love with your slumberland all over again.

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