Best mattress thickness for platform bed at best

Best Platform Bed Mattress Thickness. Measured from the floor, these are the approximate measurements for optimal bed height: including a mattress, platform beds are typically 18 inches tall and make a contemporary or modern addition to your bedroom.

Innovative steel platform bed frame at the best price of

There is no specific mattress thickness that is ideal for a platform bed, but we generally recommend having a bed over 10 inches thick. You can change the thickness of the mattress according to the height of the platform bed, in order to make it more comfortable. The next layer is designed for air circulation to avoid trapping heat in the mattress.

Innovative steel platform bed frame at the best price

Choosing the best mattress for a platform bed is always an overwhelming experience. To help narrow down your options and shorten your search for a good mattress for a platform bed, be sure to take a look at these great options below. What is more critical is the thickness of the mattress? Any thinner and your mattress might bottom out, which means you can feel the platform bed under you.

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