Bayfield Flooring targets Barrie homes with a wide selection of luxury flooring products

Bayfield Carpet & Flooring, a Barrie-based flooring manufacturer and distributor, targets local homeowners with a wide selection of luxury flooring products at competitive prices. The move is part of a growing trend in property renovations, primarily due to rising home assessment values ​​in Ontario. In Barrie alone, the average home price is just over $930,000 (a 2022 update). Thus, Bayfield Flooring’s decision to expand its product line comes at the right time to meet the strong real estate demand.

To meet a wide range of preferences, the company currently presents flooring in different types, styles and designs. Among the most sought-after collections are vinyl and laminate flooring which are considered relatively affordable, despite their impressive durability and appeal. These products are also resistant to many elements, making them ideal for the Canadian climate. The type of flooring to be installed in a residence is determined by:

  • Estimated value of the property
  • Amount of foot traffic in the installation area
  • Room condition
  • Heat and noise reduction levels

Some flooring products offer better options to meet specific settings, especially in homes that house children, pets, or the elderly. Therefore, Bayfield Carpet & Flooring regularly reviews the latest industry trends and incorporates them into its products. The same goes for the installation process, which uses innovative technology for added convenience. Store installation services include:

Each of these types of flooring offers distinct characteristics. For example, ceramic tile is best suited for properties with radiant heating systems. Similarly, laminate panels work well in bedrooms and living areas due to their sturdiness, resistance and ease of installation. Luxury vinyl planks are ideal for kitchens with heavy foot traffic.

The Bayfield Carpet & Flooring team provide fast and efficient installation services that minimize disruption to daily operations and prevent property damage. This is done using:

The above solutions not only produce aesthetic results, but extend the life of the floor. Bayfield Carpet & Flooring products are also easy to transport, which is an added advantage for homeowners looking for quality flooring solutions. The company offers free quotes to potential customers. This way, they can assess their flooring needs without spending money when visiting a contractor.

Responding to the development, a spokesperson for the company said: “Homeowners looking to add value to their property should look to flooring, which is always a priority in any renovation project. Bayfield Carpet & Flooring is always ready to help these people achieve their goals with our industry expertise, reliable products and top quality installation services.

About Bayfield Carpet & Flooring

Bayfield Carpet & Flooring is a Toronto-based manufacturer and supplier of quality flooring materials. Founded in 1994, the company has served customers in Barrie and surrounding areas for over 20 years. To this day, Bayfield Carpet & Flooring continues to develop innovative and technologically advanced flooring products, thanks to its team of qualified and certified installers. The flooring store also offers its customers installation services and warranties at competitive prices.

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