Aspire Home Loans signs contract for Black Knight’s innovative Empower loan origination system and suite of performance mounting solutions, including Surefire CRM

Independent Mortgage Banker to Use Powerful Software to Help Increase Automation and Drive Growth

Aspire Home Loans chose Empower Loan Origination System (LOS) for its lighting processing, configurability, and seamless integrations with Black Knight’s digital lending solutions

Aspire Home Loans will also leverage Black Knight’s full suite of origination solutions, which are integrated with Empower, to maximize efficiency and manage its growing pipelines.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida, January 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Today, Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE: BKI) announced that Aspire Home Loans LLC, a Nashvilleindependent mortgage banker, signed a contract to implement Black Knight Empower LOS and integrated origination performance solutions, including Surefire Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation systems. These advanced capabilities will support senior mortgages for Aspire Home Loans’ retail lending channel and help improve the borrower experience, support their employees and drive business growth.

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“We were impressed with the automation of the extinguishing process offered by Black Knight’s Empower System which will provide important support to our lending team and enhance our borrowing experience,” said the President and CEO Aspire Home Loans. Brian hill. “When we learned that the Optimal Blue pricing engine was being added to Black Knight’s suite of origination solutions, it made sense for us to leverage an integrated suite of capabilities that will help us generate more loans,” reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and speed up turnaround time. “

The Empower system’s “extinction processing” automates many of the tasks associated with granting a loan with minimal human intervention. The Empower system actively monitors key data changes – or lack thereof – throughout the lending process and triggers automated or manual tasks to be accomplished based on logic configurable by the lender. This advanced automation further mitigates risk to lenders and increases data integrity.

Aspire Home Loans will leverage the full power of Black Knight’s digital ecosystem by implementing Black Knight’s integrated suite of origination technologies, data and analytics solutions to deliver higher performance. These include artificial intelligence and machine learning for document classification and indexing; a point of sale solution that improves the mortgage application process for borrowers and loan officers; a full fee service to help mitigate fee cures; solid property tax data; connectivity with the country’s largest online network of lenders and service providers; a digital fence solution with electronic delivery and electronic signature capabilities; automated state and federal government compliance validation tests; flood zone determination and reporting services; Web API for automated real-time data transactions; and an actionable intelligence solution that provides instant access to information from multiple data sources to help forecast and monitor pipeline, productivity, cycle time and handover.

The bank will also implement Surefire mortgage-specific customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation capabilities to further improve customer engagement. Its intuitive and automated workflows and award-winning personalized content inspire emotional connections with customers, will help Aspire Home Loans increase sales and improve recovery and retention.

Aspire Home Loans will also continue to use the product, Black Knight’s Optimal Blue Pricing and Eligibility Engine (PPE), which helps the lender quickly provide borrowers with the right product at the best price for a wide variety of financing scenarios. mortgage. Optimal Blue PPE offers full functionality, improves workflow efficiency, and enables mortgage lenders to stay competitive and execute profitable lending strategies with more confidence.

“Empower is the right size and setup for lenders of all sizes, including independent mortgage bankers like Aspire Home Loans,” said Rich Gagliano, President, Black Knight Origination Technologies. “By using the Empower system and its full suite of integrated solutions, Aspire Home Loans will be in an excellent position to grow rapidly, let its loan officers focus more on clients and higher-level tasks, and offer borrowers better rates. competitive and digital capabilities they have come to expect. “

About Aspire Home Loans
Based at Nashville, Tennessee., Aspire Home Loans is a private independent banking company that aspires to improve the efficiency of the mortgage industry by implementing innovative strategies. Our innovative strategies allow us to manage and serve larger production volumes at a lower cost to finance favorable rates for the consumer while maintaining exceptional service. Aspire looks forward to becoming one of the nation’s leading mortgage lenders in the years to come.

About Black Knight
Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE: BKI) is an award-winning software, data and analytics company that drives innovation in the mortgage lending and services and real estate industries, as well as in capital markets and secondary. Businesses leverage our robust, integrated solutions throughout the homeownership lifecycle to help retain existing customers, gain new customers, mitigate risk and operate more efficiently.

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