Are you looking for new floors? How to choose the ones that match your lifestyle


Now that we’ve made the change to the fall season, you may realize that your home is in need of a change as well.

One way to revamp the whole look of the room is to simply change the flooring – but how do you choose a floor that not only looks good, but also matches your lifestyle?

For help, we turned to Tiffany Moore, one of the 50 Floor experts, for and share her advice.

First of all, it’s good to know about the different types of flooring, Moore said.

There’s carpet and hardwood of course, but there’s also tile, vinyl, and laminate, and all of them have different pros and cons.

For example, Moore recommended avoiding rugs if you have pets in the house, as their accidents are difficult to clean on a carpeted floor.

Instead, she would point you towards a tile or hardwood floor, but the choice is ultimately yours.

If your heart is set on the carpet, there are stain-resistant options and carpets with guarantees you might want to consider, Moore said.

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When it comes to maintenance, the types of flooring also vary. Again, due to their difficulty in cleaning, rugs are not the best choice for a heavily used messy home. Tile, laminate and hardwood are much easier to clean and maintain, Moore said.

The size of the room you are re-flooring is a factor when considering costs. Many floor coverings are priced by the square foot, so if you have a larger room, a small price difference per square foot can become quite large when you consider the total cost, Moore added.

For more information, and for 50 floor current promotions, watch the video above.

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