Air pollution levels: can indoor air be worse than outdoor air pollution?

Although the level of air quality is often classified as “severe” outdoors and poses serious risks to people with respiratory problems and co-morbidities, indoor air pollutants can sometimes be 2 to 5 times higher than the exterior levels. What is also of concern, experts say, is that the suspension levels of these pollutants can be in much higher concentration than outdoors, simply because of the ventilation levels and the design of the space. inside. Indoor activities and ventilation levels can have a serious impact on the quality of the air you breathe indoors and make it much more difficult to breathe as the air is “trapped” in the environment. . Remember that while this is not always the case and the levels of air pollution are significantly worse outdoors, the levels of indoor air pollution require special attention and have consequences for health.

Indoor air quality can also become a concern in places where outdoor air quality is relatively better and less risky, and where questionable pollutants are present inside the home. To put it simply, even a simple drop in air quality could be recorded by a simple chore like cooking, and the presence of multiple emission sources in an indoor space can lead to poor air quality levels. , cumulatively.

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