Achievement payday loan – know the requirements


You can apply for a MyCredit Lender Loan, without being a client of the bank, but most likely, the granting of the loan is conditioned on having an account opened at the same bank.

Each bank or bank demands certain requirements to request a payday loan, depending on the characteristics of the credit and the client that requests it.

All in all, and simplifying a lot

All in all, and simplifying a lot

Three would be the requirements that a loan applicant must meet:

  • Be of age.
  • Prove that you can return the money you have requested.
  • Not appear in any list of delinquents.

From there, and through the documentation that will be presented, the financial institution will prepare a study to analyze the risks of the loan and determine the viability of the applicant.

The usual documentation to provide is:

  • To prove to be of legal age: original ID and a photocopy.
  • To prove income: the last income statement (IRPF). With it, they can check the status of your assets. The last 2 or 3 payrolls are also requested.
  • To guarantee the viability of the operation: you can request the work history and sometimes simple notes of the real estate properties that you have. With the latter, a greater knowledge of the charges that such property may be bearing such as mortgages is facilitated.

It will evaluate the income that the client may have

It will evaluate the income that the client may have

Whatever they may be, the goods with which he can respond in case he cannot pay and his credit history. That is, that you have always fulfilled all your payments and that it does not appear in any unpaid files such as Financial Credit Institutions.

In this sense, people with indefinite contracts with seniority in the same company and public officials or employees may more easily obtain a payday loan than a person who works as a self-employed person, who is unemployed or who has a temporary contract.

If you are not granted the loan in the MyCredit Lender, in the payday loan comparator of Good Finance, you can consult the list of payday loans and request the one that interests you most.

In addition, you can enter your information in the section What loans will you be granted? where you can access a list of products that fit your profile and circumstances. Our experts will help you find a solution to your financing.

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