5 tips for choosing the perfect color laminate flooring for your space

When choosing the color of your laminate floors, you want to make sure it’s the type of style that will last. Although having a mixed pattern of alternating pink, yellow and purple looks amazing in the short term; 10 years later, however, that might not seem like such a good idea. Alternatively, there are certain laminate flooring colors that you can be sure will stand the test of time.

As for recent color sensations for this type of flooring, there are a few that may still be popular with homeowners and buyers for some time to come. Bleached is a color meant to represent a worn wood look that has been lightened with a patch of white. It gives the appearance of a lighter color, balanced with hints of darker shades of natural-looking wood, according to Flooring Inc.

Then, if you want something bright but not too far off the white hue, you can choose lighter shades of real wood. These types of flooring can mimic maple, oak or pine and are popular for their ability to soften the feel of a room. This mix of light and subtle wood styles can suit almost any design palate. In contrast, a darker gray laminate can be a bolder choice for bringing a modern industrial vibe to the room, a design trend that is unlikely to go away.

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