5 HATIL pieces of furniture that stand out

We have selected a few HATIL products that you can consider while giving your home a new look

February 28, 2022, 12:15 p.m.

Last modification: April 13, 2022, 2:27 PM

Founded in 1989, HATIL has been one of Bangladesh’s leading furniture brands for decades. By ensuring superior quality and consistency, they continue to be a market leader in the furniture industry.

Whether you want to decorate your residence, office or institutional settings like auditoriums, restaurants and hospitals, you can choose from HATIL’s variety of options.

In the smartfit section, which also happens to be multifunctional, you will find furniture that performs two or more functions. In addition to furniture, HATIL offers a wide range of doors and mattresses to choose from, for your residence.

Based on their versatility and user-friendliness, we’ve picked out a few products you can consider while giving your home a fresh new look.

Couch cum divan cum bed

Code: Divan Sagittarius-111

Price: 51,800 Tk

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When you install the Divan Sagittarius with the handles that come with it, it is a divan. However, with a little remodeling, you can turn it into a sofa. When you store the handles, it turns into a bed where you can sleep with a pillow.

That’s not all, you can store different items such as handles underneath, as there is also a storage facility inside.

It’s a versatile addition to your home that can transform to fit any space or occasion.

It is made from kiln dried imported beech wood and antique color veneered engineered wood.

(BOX) Product Features

  • Available in different colors like beige, orange, yellow and white
  • Divan opens for storage
  • Has removable handles

Foldable reading table

Code: Dennis-101 Reading Table

Price: 40,350 Tk

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Like many HATIL products, this one is also space-friendly. It consists of a chest of drawers, a reading table and a chair. The table is foldable and you can also insert the chair into the drawer cabinet. It can be a great addition to your bedroom or reading room.

It only takes up the space of the drawer unit when you fold the table. This piece of furniture from HATIL’s smartfit collection is polished with an Italian ultra violet (UV) and polyurethane (PU) lacquer that respects the environment. It is made from kiln-dried imported beech and veneered engineered wood.

In antique wood color, the drawer cabinet consists of two small parts and a large compartment.

Product Features

  • Three-in-one installation
  • Saves a lot of space thanks to its functionality

Rocking chair and footstool

Code: Diddle-105 and John-105

Price: 33,400 Tk

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The rocking chair and footstool, named Diddle and John, is one of HATIL’s most classic collections.

In the past, rocking chairs were very popular in households. Although it may have lost popularity over time, you can still add this rocking chair to your living room or bedroom for extra seating during the weekends when you want to spend time reading a book. book or listening to your favorite songs.

But this is no ordinary rocking chair, it comes with a unique blend of features that allows you to move its components around according to your preference.

The set includes a rocking chair and a footstool. Antique in color, the stool offers comfortable seating thanks to its imported fabric upholstery with soft and durable padding. The foam used is made from HATIL’s own factory.

You can also buy them individually at Tk 22,950 and Tk 10,450 for the chair and stool respectively.

Product Features

  • Has a mix of unique features
  • Its sleek design makes it stand out and look great in any room

Versatile folding bed + table and box set

Code: Saga-203-AT Bed

Fixed price: 35,260 Tk

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Have you ever considered a bed and a workstation together? It’s a dream for anyone who lives alone or moves frequently.

When you pull out the drawers of this table, you will find, to your amazement, a bed sticking out of it.

You can install it in any part of the room as it will take up minimal space. A single piece of furniture will suffice for the need of a table and a bed.

Even when the bed is in use, you can easily slide out a table whenever you need to use it separately. Made from laminated particleboard and mild steel, there are two color options: American Teak and Ebony.

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