15 Best Places to Buy Vintage Furniture Online

If you love antiques but don’t know how or where to buy them, you might feel like you’ll have to live without the vintage furniture of your dreams. But the reality is that there is actually tons of places where you can buy vintage pieces and antiques online. In fact, according to Margaret Schwartz, owner of Modern antique dealer, e-commerce is booming. “We don’t really see buyer hesitation anymore when it comes to a price threshold or a certain type of product,” she said. Beautiful house.

“Understand your level of expertise and determine what you’re comfortable spending on a purchase,” advises Schwartz. “If you’re just dipping your toes in the water, I highly recommend starting low-risk with props, textiles, or lighting. You can often pick up some great bargains, and those items should have photos. and easy-to-understand detailed descriptions of the measurements.”

In addition to these smaller, low-risk accessories, there are some items Schwartz thinks are better than others — or at least less risky — to buy online.

“We highly recommend shopping for tables and storage items online,” she says. “These are pieces that have lots of photos showing the details of the finish, the carpentry, the general quality and the interesting details. There are fewer surprises when buying a coffee table or a convenient, so we highly recommend looking at them if you’re in the market.”

On the other hand, upholstered pieces can be a bit trickier to buy online, and Schwartz says you should ask yourself a few important questions before buying. “Do you have all the measurements? Do you know what you find comfortable in terms of seat height and overall height? What type of cushion is it, and is it a cushion that you find comfortable? is it appropriate for the space you’re thinking of?” Of course, just because it’s harder doesn’t mean it’s impossible. “When you can’t sit on something, that makes it a bit more of a gamble, so just be sure to ask for all the measurements in detail and get as many photos as possible,” Schwartz suggests.

Another important thing to note? Dealers will be happy to answer your questions. “We love talking about our treasures! Schwartz said. “Don’t be afraid to politely ask anything, and if you feel a good connection with a dealer, go ahead and buy.” Schwartz also adds that shoppers should research return policies, noting that most retailers have them but they vary from location to location, so you should ask to be sure.

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Schwartz is also here to let you in on a little secret: “We recommend trying other spellings and typos when looking for something,” she says. “You’d be shocked how many things are misspelled or contain a typo. If you’re looking for a bombshell, try something like ‘bombay’.” Schwartz also notes that some people use terms like cocktail table and coffee table interchangeably. , so you should broaden your search to include a variety of terms.

Anyway, the most important thing is to check the measurements. “Please, please, please check the measurements,” Schwartz says. “The last thing you want is to find a good deal online, only to find it’s more appropriate for Dollhouse Beautiful instead of your pretty house.”

Now that you know How? ‘Or’ What to shop like a pro, you need to know where Shopping. Besides the many local stores that have an online presence, these are some of the best places to find vintage furniture online.

To note: If you’re looking to shop smaller or locally, you should feel good about checking out stores near you to see what they have available online. You can also try to bargain, but think about it. “You can explain that you want to continue supporting the industry during this difficult time and you hope they can do better on this piece that you love,” she says. “If you come from a place where you offer support and love the industry, your offer or request will generally be well received.”

Do you like shopping for your home and finding the best deals? we can help.

Founded by Maggie Holladay in 2018, this online gallery sells collectible vintage pieces and contemporary works of art from artists around the world. On the furniture side, Claude Home offers a dreamy selection of marble tables, wooden seats and curved sofas. Other delicious categories you can browse include lighting, mirrors, sculptures, decor, table accessories, vases, and even bedding.

BUY NOW claudehome.com

claude home, founded by holladay, sells vintage pieces like these groovy pierre paulin chairs

Claude Home, founded by Holladay, sells vintage pieces like these groovy Pierre Paulin chairs.

claude’s house

Yes, your favorite place to buy handmade and personalized gifts is also a treasure trove of antiques and vintage pieces. Head to the vintage section of the site, select the furniture category, then you can browse by room: living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, and office furniture are all options.

BUY NOW etsy.com

It should come as no surprise, but everyone’s favorite auction site is a great destination for vintage furniture, especially if you’re looking for specific pieces. Browse the site (or search by keywords like “vintage” or “antique” or even by decade) to see what’s out there and bid.

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Along with tons of contemporary and high-end furniture and decor, One Kings Lane has a vintage section online where you can find all kinds of coveted pieces. Search by your favorite styles, like French Parlor, Cape Cod Cottage, English Library, and more.

BUY NOW onekingslane.com

Jayson Home does not have just sell antiques and vintage furniture, but the Flea section of the site has a small but mighty collection to offer in both furniture and decor. Look at the pieces that have just arrived or shop by type (tables, seats, storage items, rugs, etc.). There’s even a fun “Curiosities” category full of deliciously unique items.

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The Rejuvenation team sells antiques and vintage furniture of all historical styles and also restore them. You’ll find seating, tables and storage items in a range of styles by which you can narrow your search, or you can shop by room if you prefer.

BUY NOW rejuvenation.com

When you head over to Chairish’s vintage and used furniture section, you’ll find more 202,000 results to browse. Narrow by price, style (mid-century modern, Hollywood Regency, Art Deco, etc.) and even search for items available for local pickup near you.

BUY NOW chairish.com

1stdibs’ inventory is so huge that their 45,000 square foot gallery in New York is just a meager one percent of what they have to offer. Seriously, there are over 727,000 listings in the furniture category alone. Shop by period, style, material, and even place of origin to find exactly what you want.

BUY NOW 1stdibs.com

The parents of Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, partner of Nate Berkus Associates, own this Chicago boutique which, as she tells Beautiful house, “carries some of the best old cabinets and chests of drawers.” Here you’ll find antiques and vintage pieces as well as a collection of bespoke furniture, with hundreds of items to choose from. Shop for new finds or even check out the store’s holiday gift guides.

BUY NOW oldplank.com

Schwartz’s own store supports online shopping, with a whole selection available for browsing (currently there are 23 product pages to click through!). There, everything from 18th-century silver champagne buckets to carved chests of drawers and crystal chandeliers awaits.

BUY NOW modernantiquarianshop.com

antique furniture

Modern Antiquarian, Schwartz’s antique shop, offers pieces like this 19th-century Swedish chest of drawers.

Susana Lopez

Everything But The House is basically everything there is to love about house sales (unique pieces, amazing deals) but online. This is an estate sales auction market, where you can bid on items of almost any style and from any era. You can even shop by manufacturer, if there are particular brands you like.

BUY NOW ebth.com

If you’re all about that mid-century modern living, definitely check out Mid Century Mobler, one of the leading mid-century furniture dealers in the United States. Here you’ll find all of your dream 50s and 60s furniture, all of which have been hand-picked and imported on buying trips to Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, France and in Italy.

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Pamono is the place to go if you want vintage pieces tailored to your exact aesthetic. Why? Because they have a whole “Custom Vintage” section, made possible thanks to a partnership with the textile company Kvadrat. Choose from several vintage seats and have them reupholstered in the fabrics of your choice.

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Yes, you can actually shop some vintage gems in the section of Urban Outfitters called Urban Renewal. The retailer takes everything from sofas and chairs to rugs and home decor and breathes new life into it. The selection is quite small but certainly powerful.

BUY NOW urbanoutfitters.com

Alright, so it’s not technically a store, but Schwartz says Instagram is “a hot ticket that people haven’t fully grasped yet in terms of buying antiques,” adding that she finds amazing deals from solid dealers all the time on the social media platform. Researching a dealership’s Instagram page will give you a good idea of ​​who their customers are, their reputation and their expertise, she explains. “Then you can research them to see if they are selling on approved sites or have reviews – just do a little research to make sure you feel comfortable buying from them. And , if you find them on Instagram and buy direct from them, you’ll often get a better deal.”

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