10 Best Stylish Headboards That Will Enhance Any Bedroom


Whether you’re looking for a classic headboard, a unique design or simply more space, we’ve got you covered.

Headboards are the most underrated element of your bedroom. It’s the humble decoration that will instantly elevate your sleeping space, but it’s still overshadowed by the framework, mattress and pillows that rest on your bed like a mountain.

A good stylish headboard will save you from cluttering up and adding unnecessary accessories to your bedroom to liven things up. Instead of updating your bed frame every few years for a few changes, a new headboard will inject luxury without having to move things around. Think of them as hats for your bed.

The world of headboards has had a luxurious update in recent years thanks to interior-mania. They come in all shapes and proportions to fit all bed sizes, from single to king size.

Rattan headboards have become the creme de la creme choice right now, it’s just the right blend of town and country in one. A classic are upholstered headboards made from a range of fabrics: velvet, wool and recycled materials. However, for minimalists, a metal headboard is a chic and understated option.

To save you time searching for a headboard, check out our favorites below moving forward.

Leontie Rattan Headboard


Best for: Light rattan headboard

The advantage of headboards is that the majority of them are already assembled, all you have to do is insert them behind your bed. Rattan is warm in the interior space because it is light and luxurious. Look for details that will set yours apart – this one from Leontie looks like a collapsible fan.

Letty headboard


Best for: The opulent velvet headboard

Jewel tones such as moss green and dark navy are a chic alternative to your standard browns and blacks, while adding an understated pop of color. They are perfect for the fall and winter seasons, but also for those who have a lighter painted room and want to add subtle sophistication. Velvet is already a fancy fabric, so always look for something minimal in design as it does more for your room than you think.

Gladstone Headboard


Best for: The headboard worthy of Elizabeth Taylor

The golden Cat on a Hot Tin Roof headboard is perhaps Hollywood’s most famous thanks to Elizabeth Taylor’s character, Maggie. Gold adds a royal touch and it is versatile. So when you’re bored in one room, you can always move it to the next.

Upholstered headboard

john lewis

Best for: The headboard with soft padding

For all those late-night bedworms, an upholstered headboard is a better investment than a reading chair because accidentally falling asleep with a good book in hand is much more comfortable than waking up in a chair at night. middle of the night – especially for your back. Be sure to look for an upholstered headboard as a backdrop for watching TV, devouring the latest bestselling book, or even working from your bed.

Nordli headboard


Best for: hotel room headboard

Hotel living is a luxury that many dream of, especially for the cleanliness and functionality of the rooms without loose charging wires. Ikea’s Nordli headboard is the answer to hygge (a Danish and Norwegian word for zen) that we all want to add to our lives. The headboard is crafted from particleboard and plastic edging with storage solutions and a handy way to hide pesky cables.

Love Leather Squares Leather Headboard

love of leather

Best for: The sleek leather headboard

Now you can match your headboard to your upholstered leather handbags. The ubiquitous Bottega Veneta cassette bag could be imitated all over the high street, but in the world of interiors, the padded leather headboards remain intact as the supreme. It’s the sturdy alternative to soft upholstery and the easiest to clean by simply wiping it down.

Two-sided headboard with storage

La Redoute

Best for: storage headboard

If you’re short on space and find it hard to part with your treasures, investing in a headboard with storage space will not only save you heartache, but it will also compartmentalize all your odds and ends. . If you’re a parent with young children, a light oak veneer storage headboard like this one will make storage easier for you and for them.

Raffin headboard


Best for: The classic headboard

We have all come across a slatted headboard at some point in life and the reason is that it is reliable and provides an optical illusion for rooms with small ceilings by giving them the extra height needed. The frame is crafted from manufactured wood for a firm hold position.

Aller Dorset Willa Headboard

Go Dorset

Best for: The designer headboard

It’s not every day you get to splash out on a headboard, let alone a designer headboard, so if you’re planning on splurging, go for hand-printed fabrics like this option. by Rapture and Wright which brings an authentic English touch. You can take the headboard for a test drive by renting one of the huts from Aller Farm, an extension of the interiors brand, Aller Dorset.

H&M dark brown headboard


Best for: The wooden headboard

For pillow climbers, a wooden frame is a stylish choice that goes unnoticed in the bedroom and lets you build around it instead of with it. It’s also one you can decorate yourself by adding layers of fabric on top to conceal the wood.

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