Wholesale Products

Wholesale Products

The lumber you purchase from New England Forest Products is graded according to the criteria set by the National Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association (NHLA). This assures you, our customer that you will be receiving hardwood lumber of the highest quality.

Our manufacturing process produces band sawn hardwoods respected throughout the industry. Your order is prepared according to your specifications, including width, length, and color sorts. Our quality control process guarantees a product our customers keep coming back for!

We offer both green and kiln dried lumber. Our recent addition of dehumidification kilns allows us to dry 110,000 +/- board feet of hardwood on a regular basis. The dehumidification process is fueled by wood and electricity.

Services offered/provided:

  • Planing and ripping
  • End painting
  • Heat treated bunks
  • Containers loaded on site
  • Prep with your business logo
  • Sort to width
  • Customized grade
  • All species available .. 4/4 and 5/4
  • S2S and straight line ripping
  • Customized sawing for timbers; post and beam; planking
  • Color sorting
  • Shipments available in mixed species