"I am writing to tell you how much I love my new rustic white oak flooring, and especially what a pleasure it was to work with your staff. I have spent several months exchanging emails and telephone calls with you. I was sent photos, wood flooring samples. Your thoughtful attention, patience, and apparent commitment to my project made all the difference. I told my builder that I insisted my floor come form NEForest Products. He had never worked with you previously, and I believe he will choose you again many times. Incidentally, I have committed to building my house (totally solar!) with local materials and I found you through the UNH Cooperative Extension service. Even the truck driver who delivered was a sweetheart!
You are doing lots of things right!"

"When we decided to put hardwood flooring in our new addition in our home , we wanted to have a high quality floor from wood that is native to our local forests. We also wanted to support our local forest products economy. We were able to do all that by purchasing our flooring from New England Forest Products in Greenfield. We chose yellow birch because it is very hard, has great character, will last a very long time and takes a beautiful finish. We installed it ourselves and the milling was very precise so we had very little waste. We had some left over to do the floor in the cabin as well. New England Forest Products’’ retail center at their mill is a great resource for folks in our region. They carry a wide variety of local woods milled at their mill. The flooring experience was great for us and we go back whenever we need wood for a project."

Charles Levesque
Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC
Antrim, N.H.

"Dave and everyone at NEFP, Thank you for the great service and great product you provided! The quarter sawn red oak floor looks spectacular. We really appreciated the predominance of long lengths n the order. The milling of edge and butt joints was perfect, making installation a pleasure.
Thanks again for a great job!"

John Stanek
John Stanek Custom Builders, Inc.
Peterborough, N.H.
"Thank you New England Forest Products.............. we love the floor! Our installer said it was one of the best floors he's ever worked with, not to mention all the other contractors loving it!
We were especially pleased with the way they (New England Forest Products) hand selected such a well balanced mix of floor boards to create an absolutely gorgeous floor."

Lee and Paul S.
Brewster, Mass.