Our Story

Our story begins “in the woods”!

New England Forest Products’ ‘Forest to Floor’ story is a true story!

Our commitment to ensuring the future of an important natural resource is at the core of our business philosophy. Our New Hampshire ‘licensed professional foresters’ work with landowners and loggers to ensure good forest management practices are adhered to. Forest management plans are developed, and utilized.

If a selective harvesting is determined to be the next step, our professional foresters work with landowners to implement that step.

As the logs are harvested, they are sorted into three categories. The lowest grade logs are considered to be biomass and are sold for fuel-either as firewood or wood chips. The highest grade logs are purchased by specialty buyers from throughout the world and are sold into the export veneer market. And then, between cordwood and veneer is the largest volume of logs called saw logs.

It is the sawlogs that are processed on site at our facility. Once the logs have been sawn into lumber, they are graded by a certified NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) inspector and sorted according to a strict set of criteria, determined by NHLA.

The sawing process also produces by products such as slabs, edgings, trimmings, and sawdust. These are put through a chipper and screen to yield chips and sawdust. These materials are sold to companies that will manufacture wood pellets and chips that are used to heat homes and businesses.

In 2008, we purchased dry kilns, and now we dry lumber on site. Our kilns are dehumidification kilns and are powered by wood and electricity. There are no fossil fuels used during this process.

We offer a number of lumber products including ‘green lumber’, kiln dried lumber, rough cut hemlock, custom flooring. And these products are available mill direct. NEFP offers custom ripping and planing .

From the forest to the floor, literally, our staff at New England Forest Products looks forward to working with wholesale and retail customers-homeowners, architects, contractors, cabinet makers, flooring installers, hobbyists; and, landowners!