NEFP’s flooring is forest to floor....

Established in 1993 as a wholesale hardwood manufacturing company, NEFP, a family owned and operated business, has continued to evolve with the ever challenging economic market.

Dave Buxton, co-owner of NEFP, found that his love of the outdoors led him to the University of New Hampshire, where he obtained a degree in Forestry. He began his professional career as a University Extension Specialist/ county forester before he became the Marketing and Utilization Specialist/Forestry employed by the University of New Hampshire. He eventually left the University system for a career in the private sector.

The roots of NEFP began with the strong commitment to sustainable forestry practices. From 1993, we have grown from a wholesale hardwood manufacturing facility, sawing native Northern red oak, to a business that provides retail and wholesale lumber. In addition to green, rough cut lumber, we now supply kiln dried lumber, lumber products and custom flooring milled from our own lumber.

  • 1993- the current site is purchased by Dave Buxton and his wife, Deb. NEFP has its origins as a wholesale hardwood lumber manufacturing facility. Beginning with five employees, the mill manufactured green native lumber, primarily Northern red oak


  • 1997- a rare tornado touches down over the newly renovated mill-leveling the buildings and destroying three years of work spent upgrading and modifying the original mill. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the damage was devastating. We were fortunate to receive incredible support from the local community. The tornado hit on Thursday, July 3rd, and by Monday, the debris had started to be cleaned up. Six weeks later, the mill was operational again.  


  • 2007- New England Forest Products is the proud recipient of New Hampshire Timberland Owners (NHTOA) Award for “Outstanding Forest Industry”.
  • 2008- NEFP begins to institute the plan to expand into the retail lumber market. We saw a market niche that would supply native lumber products to the local community. We could supply local lumber products, manufactured from sustainably harvested timber, while employing people from the local community.
history deb and dave
  • 2008- Our new retail building is built. Part of the new building includes a showroom displaying the native plank flooring milled from the beautiful hardwoods and softwoods that are native to the area.
  • 2009-NEFP is a recipient of the New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (NETAAC) grant.  NETAAC is a government funded non-profit that offers cost shared assistance to import impacted manufacturers through a grant from the Department of Commerce.
  • 2009- We purchase two dry kilns and the modifications begin! The modified kilns have 100,000 BF of dry kiln capacity. We hire an engineer through the NETAAC grant program to redesign the kilns in order to minimize the amount of energy used. The kilns are redesigned as dehumidification kilns which are powered by electricity and biomass/wood.
  • 2009- A third and smaller kiln that gives us the capability to do custom drying or specialty drying is installed.
third kiln
  • 2010- As part of our plan to offer value added products, we begin our own line of custom flooring and our retail division grows…
  • 2011- NEFP is the proud recipient of the BusinessNH 2011 Best Lean and Green Product.
  • 2012- New England Forest Products launched our custom flooring line called the New England Forest Collection: Sustainably Harvested Wood for Your Custom Floor.