About Us

Why We Are Different

When New England Forest Products, Inc. was established in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire in 1993, it began as a small hardwood manufacturing facility. It only makes sense that the practice of good forestry is at the core of NEFP’s business practices.

Dave Buxton, co-owner of NEFP with his wife Deb, began his forestry career with the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Service, as a county forester. Sustainable forestry practices have always been at the core of this lumber business.

Here at NEFP, because we are involved with the manufacturing process from start to finish, we are able to provide our lumber customers with exceptional quality lumber at mill direct prices. Our products are conscientiously produced, keeping sustainability as our #1 objective.

During the manufacturing of the lumber there is residue that is generated. The sawdust generated during the manufacturing process is sold to a local wood pellet manufacturing facility; the wood chips are used for biomass fuel in schools and facilities located in Vermont and New Hampshire; the bark mulch, (which is 100% mulch-no fillers, dyes or pesticides) is used for landscaping; and cord wood is sold within the local community, either split and ready to go, or sold as in grapple loads.

Our Retail Lumber customer, contractors; architects; cabinet makers; homeowners; landscapers; hobbyists; schools; municipalities are serviced by our experienced staff.

Wholesale lumber customers either purchase our hardwood lumber ‘green’ or kiln dried. This lumber will be made into furniture, flooring and millwork. Our wholesale customers are in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Forest management is at the root of our business. Our New Hampshire licensed professional foresters work with landowners who share the commitment to sustainable forestry practices.


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